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Sophia Loren out of the hospital

Web posted on: Tuesday, August 18, 1998 3:08:16 PM

LOS ANGELES (CNN) -- Italian film beauty Sophia Loren has left a New York hospital following her recovery from stress, her publicist said Tuesday.

"She's left the hospital and will stay in New York for a month resting," longtime publicist Beebee Kline said in Los Angeles. "She's just going to rest for a month."

Loren's producer-husband, Carlo Ponti, had said Monday from his home north of Los Angeles that Loren was feeling fine. "She was a bit fed up of being in hospital, and she's happy to be coming home," he told the Italian news agency ANSA.

Ponti denied reports that Loren, 63, had been visiting a plastic surgeon when she suffered heart problems. He said the Oscar-winning actress is working on a book, leading a Rome fashion agency and preparing a new film. She had been "taking planes like mad" lately and is afraid of flying, he said.

Examined for arrythmia

Ponti related Loren's problems to stress, but her publicist said Monday that the actress had had an irregular heartbeat. Kline said Loren was examined for arrhythmia, a variation in the normal rhythm of heartbeat which can be life-threatening.

"This is the first time this has happened. She's always been a pretty healthy person," Kline said. "It's so unusual for her not to feel well."

Kline also denied Loren had been undergoing plastic surgery. Neither she nor Ponti identified the New York hospital to which Loren was admitted.

Ponti said that Loren would check out of the hospital accompanied by one of her sons, Carlo Ponti Jr., and a friend, Anna Strasberg. He said she plans to stay with Strasberg after being ordered by doctors not to take a plane trip for a month.

Won't pick up Golden Lion in Venice

Ponti told ANSA that he phoned the director of the Venice Film Festival, Felice Laudadio, on Monday to confirm that Loren would not be able to personally receive a Golden Lion career award on September 3.

"She must take a month to rest and look after herself," Ponti said. Over the weekend, he had blamed a "particularly tiring trip because of (flight) delays and the excessive heat of New York" for a minor "cardiovascular collapse from which she has already recovered."

Loren, raised in poverty in Naples in 1934, became one of the world's most glamorous movie stars, appearing in more than 50 films made in Italy, the United States, France, Canada and Britain.

Among her career highlights were an Academy Award for her tragic portrayal of a mother in war-ravaged Italy in 1960's "La Ciociara" ("Two Women"), and a Venice Festival award for her performance in the U.S. film "The Black Orchid" (1959).

Reuters contributed to this report.

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