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Which of the following nominees do you think should win a Golden Globe for best dramatic picture?

"Gods and Monsters"
"The Horse Whisperer"
"Saving Private Ryan"
"The Truman Show"

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Do you agree with the nominations? Who do you think deserves to win? Tell it to the boards!


Know your Nominees
Take a closer look at some of the Golden Globe contenders:


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    'Ally McBeal'
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  • 'Dharma and Greg'
  • TV's latest trend: Neurotic women?
  • 'Frasier'
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  • On the way to Oscar, Golden Globes will offer hints

    Web posted on: Friday, January 22, 1999 6:00:24 PM EST

    LOS ANGELES (CNN) -- It's the weekend the Hollywood Foreign Press Association hands out its annual awards for television and movies, but Oscar will be looming large over Sunday's Golden Globes ceremony.

    The awards are traditionally seen as a bellwether for the Academy Awards held in March, with winners and contenders often finding themselves riding a wave of promotion between the Golden Globes and the race for Oscar.

    "(The Golden Globes) have a pattern for picking many of the Oscar nominees and often they also name a winner," says Paul Clinton, film reviewer for Turner Entertainment Report. "But they have an advantage. They pick movies and actors for both comedy and drama, so they are twice as likely to honor someone who will go on and get either nominated or win an Academy Award."

    This year's Golden Globe nominees for the silver screen include "Shakespeare In Love" and "The Truman Show." They set the pace in the movie categories, garnering six nominations each. "Saving Private Ryan" was nominated in five different categories.

    Meanwhile, NBC leads networks in Golden Globe TV nominations.

    And the silver screen nominees are...

    "Shakespeare," the tongue-in-cheek romance which stars Joseph Fiennes as the bard, was nominated for best musical or comedy, along with "Bulworth," Warren Beatty's slam on the political process, "The Mask of Zorro," the Anthony Quinn-Antonio Banderas adventure, "Patch Adams," in which Robin Williams plays a 1970s medical student who treats patients with humor, "Still Crazy," the yet-to-be-released film starring Stephen Rea and Billy Connolly, and "There's Something About Mary," the grotesque Farrelly brothers comedy starring Ben Stiller and Cameron Diaz.

    "The Truman Show," the Jim Carrey summer vehicle about a man who unwittingly lives in a Hollywood-created world, will vie for best dramatic movie nominee, along with "Saving Private Ryan," Steven Spielberg's hellish account of D-Day, "Elizabeth," the story of the virgin queen, "Gods and Monsters," a tale of "Frankenstein" director James Whale, and "The Horse Whisperer," the Robert Redford flick based on the book by the same name.

    In the category of best actor in a drama, Ian McKellan explores the life of filmmaker James Whale in "Gods and Monsters," Stephen Fry takes on Oscar Wilde in "Wilde," Tom Hanks goes into battle for "Private Ryan," Nick Nolte battles his family history in "Affliction," and Jim Carrey longs for real life in "The Truman Show."

    Three actresses who play characters facing illness earned Golden Globe nominations for best actress in a drama: Meryl Streep in "One True Thing," Susan Sarandon in "Stepmom," and Emily Watson in "Hilary and Jackie." Also competing in the category are Cate Blanchett for her work in "Elizabeth" and Fernanda Montenegro for "Central Station."

    And the small screen...

    The Golden Globes have given a confidence boost to NBC as the network fights its toughest ratings war in years. The Foreign Press handed NBC 20 nominations, by far the most of the television networks. ABC was a distant second with 12; HBO had nine, Fox had seven, and CBS had only one.

    Drama nominees for TV are "ER," "Felicity," "Law & Order," "The Practice" and "The X-Files." Musical or comedy series nominees were "Ally McBeal," "Dharma and Greg," "Frasier," "Just Shoot Me" and "Spin City."

    Miniseries and made-for-TV movie commendations went to "The Baby Dance," "From the Earth to the Moon," "Gia," "Merlin" and "The Temptations."

    In best actress for a musical or comedy, Christina Applegate of "Jesse" was nominated in her show's premier season. Jenna Elfman ("Dharma and Greg"), Calista Flockhart ("Ally McBeal"), Laura San Giacomo ("Just Shoot Me"), and Sarah Jessica Parker ("Sex and the City") were also nominated.

    In the category for best actor in a musical or comedy, the association recognized Michael J. Fox for his work on "Spin City." Fox recently revealed that he suffers from Parkinson's disease.

    His competition includes Thomas Gibson ("Dharma and Greg"), Kelsey Grammer ("Frasier"), John Lithgow ("3rd Rock from the Sun"), and George Segal ("Just Shoot Me").

    In the category honoring best actress in a drama, fresh-faced Keri Russell was picked for her work on "Felicity," which premiered earlier this year. Gillian Anderson ("The X-Files"), Kim Delaney ("NYPD Blue"), Roma Downey ("Touched by an Angel"), and Julianna Margulies ("ER") were also nominated.

    Jimmy Smits, whose character on "NYPD Blue" died this season as Smits sought new acting horizons, was nominated for best actor in a drama. He'll face competition from David Duchovny ("The X-Files"), Anthony Edwards ("ER"), Lance Henriksen ("Millennium"), and Dylan McDermott ("The Practice").

    The Golden Globes are decided by the 92 members of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. NBC will televise the awards for the fourth straight year, devoting three live hours of prime time to the event, beginning at 8 p.m. ET Sunday.

    The 1996 show ended a 14-year absence of major network exposure for the Globes ceremony, first triggered by accusations of corrupt voting practices by the Foreign Press Association. The association worked hard to regain respectability and lure network attention.

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