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Trisha Yearwood

Trisha Yearwood performs "There Goes My Baby"

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Trisha Yearwood savoring success, new album

Web posted on: Wednesday, July 15, 1998 1:42:46 PM

LOS ANGELES (CNN) -- This has been quite a year for Trisha Yearwood: She's earned what's widely known as the "triple crown" in country music, tucking a Grammy, a Country Music Association award, and an Academy of Country Music Association award under her belt. Now, on the heels of her last album's success, she's released a new recording this week.

Yearwood says that "Where Your Road Leads," her seventh album of new material, continues her trend toward revealing more of herself to her fans through her work.

"I think that after making six albums, you feel more freedom to express yourself, and every album's a little bit more of me," she told CNN's Showbiz Today anchor Jim Moret. "I think they're kind of getting maybe more of me every time."

It may also continue her trend of continually growing more successful; she feels like her biggest acclaim has come years after she began her music career. Never a flash in the pan, Yearwood acknowledges that her recordings have sold well for some time. "But this year has been a real big one," she notes.

"I think it's sweeter when it comes a little bit later, because you appreciate it. You realize that this kind of success is not automatic, and I think you're able to kind of enjoy it more," she says.

Yearwood recently sang with Pavarotti, Garth Brooks and Don Henley... all in one week, on two different coasts

Jet-setting schedule

A recent week from her hectic schedule gives an idea of how her popularity has grown. In one week, she performed in a benefit in Italy with tenor Luciano Pavarotti, flew to Los Angeles the following day and sang with Garth Brooks, then returned to New York to do a special for VH1. Don Henley, who happened to be in town, joined for a gig there.

But her busy schedule doesn't prevent her from carrying through on one of her oldest rituals. Every time one of her albums has been released, no matter what city she's visiting, she has visited a music store on the release date and purchased a copy.

"It started on the first album, because I was on the road -- I think we were somewhere in Colorado -- and I wanted to see my record in a store," she said. "So I went to see that it was there, and I bought one."

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