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Stars gather to 'Remember' Tammy Wynette

Web posted on: Friday, October 16, 1998 5:04:08 PM

(CNN) -- It was a natural, Elton John says, for him to perform "Stand By Your Man" on the recently released "Tammy Wynette ... Remembered."

"You're chuckling back there, and I don't blame you," he says. "But it's just like, well, stand by your man -- of course I do!"

John is one of 15 artists paying homage to Wynette, who died of a bloot clot in her lungs in April. "She was a brave woman, she had an incredibly tough life, and I admire her fighting spirit and some of the ups and downs she came through," John says. "I've come through a few myself, so I can identify with her."

Wynette herself told CNN in a 1994 interview that she considered her life "interesting."

"I wouldn't trade places with anybody, and neither would I want to go back and change anything because I think every foolish and stupid mistake I made, I learned a lesson, I'm a better person for it now."

Much of the country music community is participating in the album, from Faith Hill to George Jones. But John's inclusion is just one of the non-country performers in the mix. Celtic musicians Kate and Anna McGarrigle are also on the album, as is former Beach Boy Brian Wilson.

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