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Garth Brooks performs "To Make You Feel My Love"

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Garth Brooks: 'Making music's what it's all about'

Web posted on:
Wednesday, November 25, 1998 4:21:32 PM EST

NEW YORK (CNN) -- Garth Brooks claims that he'd rather "just crawl in a hole and make music" than deal with the fanfare that comes with breaking country music sales records right and left. At the same time, he says he already misses his nationwide tour, over for less than a week.

"I miss seeing my guys and I miss feeling that pump around 9 o'clock each night," he says.

Fortunately for his multitude of fans, this is unlikely to be his last tour, or his last album. His latest release, "Garth Double Live," arrived in music stores last week; it contains 100 minutes of music, including 25 songs recorded over seven years, selected from 347 shows in 99 cities.

And in an unique marketing twist, every million albums has a different cover from the previous million. "With the tour, every millionth ticket we sold on the tour, we did a celebration for the millionth ticketholder, and the 2 millionth ticketholder, all the way up to the 5 millionth ticketholder," he told CNN Showbiz Today's Laurin Sydney.

"So it only makes sense that on this package, we ship 6 million units and every million, the whole thing would change to another milestone of our career, like Central Park ... It's a diary of our stuff and the milestones in our career."

Of rumors that he would be starring in a film, Brooks says, "We'll see."

"Anything we do in movies is the same with music, it's a chance to form an expression or entertain somebody for hopefully two hours, and that's what we're going to do," he says. "Right now, we're producing. The thing is called 'The Lamb,' Paramount Pictures. Don Was and Babyface are overseeing the musical project of it, which I'm going to have fun stretching out and acting on audio, because it's going to be more of a pop rock star than a country project.

"So this will be fun for me to stretch out."

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