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Sexy Seal reflects on 'Human Beings'

Web posted on:
Thursday, November 26, 1998 2:32:31 PM EST

From Correspondent Mark Scheerer

NEW YORK (CNN) -- The sleek, sexy singer named Seal was kissed by stardom after the release of his Grammy-winning "Kiss From a Rose." It took four years for him to come out with a follow-up album, but it's finally here.

This time around, the soulful 35-year-old singer is getting personal with "Human Beings."

"The album is more like a celebration of human beings and all the wonderful things we human beings do when we're living in our natural state, which I believe to be love," Seal says.

"The title track, 'Human Beings,' was initially inspired by the death of and the loss of the two rappers, Notorious B.I.G. and (particularly) Tupac," he continues. "I think there was a situation where there was a perfect example of a lack of love of the self. So it was initially inspired by those two."

Catch the clip of "Human Beings"

Audio clip: 190k MPEG-3
Audio clip: 260k WAV
Video clip: 1.4Mb QuickTime

'Taught some lessons'

In fact, life experience inspired the entire album.

"Luckily, I asked to be taught some lessons, and I think that the universe certainly gave me those lessons and dividends," says Seal.

Perhaps these lessons explain why Seal takes his role as a musician so seriously.

"I think there is a responsibility that comes along with that, and you know, it's not to be taken lightly, this thing of having a public voice."

With previous hits like "Crazy" and "Kiss From a Rose," for which he won three Grammy awards, Seal is no stranger to success.

"I'm happy that my albums have done well and I just want to do better," he says. "Ultimately, I think being successful is being happy. And if I can just make records that I'm happy with (then) I feel I'm saying something."

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