Transcript of Jackson's simulchat

Courtesy MTV

8/17/95    Michael Jackson Simulchat live in the MTV Arena

MTVixen    : Welcome to the preshow, while we gear up for the 
             Michael Jackson Simulchat.
MTVixen    : The Simulchat will begin in 1/2 hour, here in the MTV 
MTVixen    : It is a historic online event, being that it takes 
             place on AOL, Prodigy, & Compuserve, & the WWW.
MTVixen    : It will also be broadcast on MTV, so turn on the tube 
             in 1/2 hour.
MTVixen    : Hey, don't leave! Michael Jackson will be here soon!
MTVixen    : If you just want to hang until he joins us, we'll be 
             sending lots of Michael-isms your way till then.
MTVixen    : And MTV VJ Bill Bellamy will be joining us at 9:45 
             (ET).  So chill for a while!
MTVixen    : In the next few minutes, I will provide some trivia & 
             facts about Michael Jackson.  Pay Attention!
MTVixen    : There will be a quiz!
MTVixen    : Check out the Michael Jackson Museum of History on 
             the World Wide Web at
MTVixen    :
MTVixen    : In 1989, MTV presented Michael with the MTV Video 
             Vanguard Award for
MTVixen    : "Thriller - The Greatest Video in the History of the 
MTVixen    : "BAD" was the first album in history to generate five 
             #1 singles.
MTVixen    : In 1990, Sony (CBS)  named Michael Jackson the Top 
             Selling Artist of the Decade.
MTVixen    : Michael will perform at the MTV Video Music Awards on  September 7.
MTVixen    : Michael's simulchat is the first in which all three 
             commercial online services--
MTVixen    : Prodigy, America Online and CompuServe--participate 
MTVixen    : Michael starred in the first music video with "Rock 
             With You."
MTVixen    : Bad achieved the  #1 chart position in a record 
             breaking 25 countries.
MTVixen    : In 1989, The "Bad" Tour grossed of $125 million, a 
             new world record.
MTVixen    : Michael received Official White House Recognition as
MTVixen    : Artist of the Decade by President George Bush in 
MTVixen    : Check out Michael's family tree on the World Wide Web 
MTVixen    : Michael was the first artist to earn #1 Pop singles 
             in the '70s, '80s, and '90s.
MTVixen    : Michael was the first artist to have four consecutive 
MTVixen    : yield four consecutive Top 40 singles each. 
MTVixen    : Michael's "THRILLER"  sold more than 40 million 
             copies worldwide.
MTVixen    : "DANGEROUS" sold more copies in its first ten months 
             then "THRILLER."
MTVixen    : "Moonwalk," Michael's first book,
MTVixen    : soared to the top of bestseller lists in the United 
             States and Great Britain.
MTVixen    : The worldwide premiere of the short film, "Black or 
MTVixen    : was seen by an estimated 50 million viewers in the US 
MTVixen    : In 1991, "Black or White" jumped to #3 on the 
             Billboard Hot 100 chart,
MTVixen    : the highest jump in a two week period since the 
             Beatles' "Let it Be".
MTVixen    : Check out Michael's visit to Africa on the World Wide 
             Web at
MTVixen    : "Scream" entered the Billboard Hot 100 at #5,
MTVixen    : making it the highest debut in the chart's 37-year 
MTVixen    : Michael and Janet Jackson's "Scream" was Billboard's 
             highest debut
MTVixen    : since the Beatles' "Let It Be".
MTVixen    : In 1993, Michael sang "We Are The World" at  
             President Clinton's
MTVixen    : inaugural gala in Washington, D.C.
MTVixen    : Michael donated the profits of the song "Heal the 
             World" to the Heal The World Foundation.
MTVixen    : Representing Heal The World, Michael and Lisa Marie
MTVixen    : welcomed 46 children from 17 countries to a World 
             Children's Congress,
MTVixen    : 3 days of seminars and workshops held at their 
             Neverland Valley Ranch.
MTVixen    : Michael created Heal LA, a spin-off of Heal The 
             World, to provide aid to riot-damaged areas of LA.
MTVixen    : Michael performed "Jam,","Heal The World," "Beat It," 
             and "Billie Jean"
MTVixen    : during halftime at Superbowl XXVII,
MTVixen    : and was joined by an international cast of children.
MTVixen    : At the 35th Annual Grammy Awards, Janet Jackson 
MTVixen    : Michael with a Grammy Legend award.
MTVixen    : In 1993, Michael received the Lifetime Achievement 
             Award from
MTVixen    : the Guinness World of Records Museum in Hollywood, 
MTVixen    : Now it's time for everybody to give a big shout out 
             to the host of MTV Jams, Bill Bellamy.
MTVixen    : Bill and Michael were hanging out a few weeks ago, 
             and Bill's here to
MTVixen    : get us warmed up for the big event.
MTVixen    : Hey, Bill, did you ever think you'd be the opening 
             act for Michael Jackson?
B BeIIamy  : Let the games begin
B BeIIamy  : Never in a million years
MTVixen    : In just a few short minutes, you will be part of a 
             HIStoric happening
MTVixen    : right here on the info superhighway when Michael 
MTVixen    : joins us for the first ever online simulchat.
B BeIIamy  : I think this is really exciting.  It's the first time 
             ever, and we party with the KING OF POP
MTVixen    : Everybody's always going on about this supposed 
             information superhighway.
MTVixen    : Well, tonight you're gonna see it in action for the 
             first time. Tech heads, unite!
MTVixen    : That's right, Michael Jackson will chat live with 
             fans on MTV Online
MTVixen    : (on American Online), CompuServe, Prodigy and his Web 
             site all at the same time. That's a first.
B BeIIamy  : I want somebody to sing the first cybersong.
MTVixen    : Here's another first: turn your TV dial to MTV and
MTVixen    : see your Q&A with Michael live on the air.
MTVixen    : MTV will broadcast the Michael Jackson simulchat live 
             while it's happening,
MTVixen    : along with special Michael Jackson videos and 
MTVixen    : If you happen to be in New York City, you can watch 
             the simulchat on MTV broadcast from
MTVixen    : Sony's jumbo TV screen in Times Square! 
MTVixen    : Then hang around for a little champagne and watch the 
             ball drop.
MTVixen    : Well, maybe not. But you can bet it'll be festive!
B BeIIamy  : I'm drinking already!  Just kidding, only juice!
B BeIIamy  : I want someone to sing I'll be there, in the right 
B BeIIamy  : where's the after party?!
MTVixen    : Thanks, Bill.
MTVixen    : We can't wait to hear more from you during Michael's 
MTVixen    : Michael will be here in just a minute, so get your 
             questions tweaked and ready to go.
B BeIIamy  : Ladies and Gentlemen, let's put our hands together 
             for Mr. Michael Jackson!!
Mtvmail    : Marlie14: In your interview with Diane Sawyer, you 
             mentioned moving out of the country. Is this in
Mtvmail    : your future plans
Mtvmail    : What is the most favorite place in the world you've 
             traveled to and where would you like to travel to?
Michae1 J : Favorite place would have to be South America and 
             Africa because I love the place the culture
Mtvmail    : and the plight of the children there is very 
             intersting and I would love to travel
Mtvmail    : to see more things and to helpl more people 
Mtvmail    : What is the favorite song that you have recorded and 
             do you still have the pet monkey Bubbles
Michae1 J: If I had to pick one song....probably Got To Be 
             There...Heal The World
Michae1 J: and Bubbles is still alive and is still my pet..he's 
             bigger. He eats a
Mtvmail    : How do you like working with your sister Janet and              
             also working with your beautiful bride Lisa Marie...
Mtvmail    : ...and don't listen to all the BS going around 
Michae1 J  : The press creates all these negative stories people 
             will buy their magazines
Michae1 J  : and read their columns.
Michae1 J  : You must not believe everything you read, it's
Michae1 J  : tabloid garbabe. I just want everyone to be aware
Michae1 J  : that the media is garbage.
Michae1 J  : When working with my sister, I haven't seen her i
Michae1 J  : quite some time. She's busy, and I'm busy as well
Michae1 J  : and when we get together it's like a reunion.
Michae1 J  : We became very emotional on the set, we gave each
Michae1 J  : other presents everything.
Michae1 J  : We had a lot of fun.
Michae1 J  : But everyday on the set she came to me sad because
Michae1 J  : of some story that the press create
B BeIIamy  : Mike, can we have the MTV beach house at Neverland 
B BeIIamy  : Think of all the fun we could have!  Painting your 
             house a hundred different colors!
MTVixen    : Michael performed "Jam,","Heal The World," "Beat It," 
             and "Billie Jean"
MTVixen    : during halftime at Superbowl XXVII,
MTVixen    : and was joined by an international cast of children.
Mtvmail    : EvenBeevu : Do you come up with the ideas for all of 
             your videos?
Michae1 J:A lot of them I do come up with a lot of the 
             concepts do come up from me
Michae1 J  : Afer seeing Thriller I knew I wanted to do a short 
Michae1 J  : I knew I wanted to transform myself in Thriller.
Michae1 J  : I had so much fun running thru Griffith Park late at 
MTVixen    : In 1989, MTV presented Michael with the MTV Video 
             Vanguard Award for
MTVixen    : "Thriller - The Greatest Video in the History of the 
Mtvmail    : What inspired you to write Beat It?
Michae1 J  : Beat It is another concept I came up with.
Michae1 J  : Pretty much following the lyrics.
Michae1 J  : The only thing I kept pressing is I wanted real gang 
             members so it didn't come off saccharine.
Michae1 J  : I think it came across.
Mtvmail    : Pelon: What has been your proudest musical 
Michae1 J  : One of's really a difficult question to
Michae1 J  : answer. I'm not woman, but writing a song is like
Michae1 J  : conceiving a child.
Michae1 J  : Some of my favorite, "We ARe The World" is one
Michae1 J  : of my favorite things I've done. It reached 
Michae1 J  : and touched a lot of people. I'll never forget
Michae1 J  : oe day I was driving down the street in my car.
Michae1 J  : My secretary said pull over and turn on your radio.
Michae1 J  : Every station in the world played it at the same 
Michae1 J  : I was so happy I had tears.
B BeIIamy  : Mike, when can we see you on tour again?  We miss 
             you.  :(
Mtvmail    : Farfl: When will we see more of the old style videos 
             with moving images?
Michae1 J  : Well those type of short films are my favorite as 
             well cause i'ts not just a video
Michae1 J  : It's a short story, a begining a middle and an end.
Michae1 J  : But to do those take us up to 4, 5 6 7, months 
Michae1 J  : We are going back to that fashion of short film
Michae1 J  : making, definitely.
Michae1 J  : That was my original dream.
Michae1 J  : My nephews are here, they wanted to sit in and 
B BeIIamy  : Mike, what do you think will be the next single off 
             this album?  I like "This time around"
Mtvmail    : You seem to be interested in many cultures, have you 
             studied the north, I live in an Eskimo village.
Mtvmail    : Inupat in Alaska, life is different here. If you ever 
             visited here the people might inspire you
Michae1 J  : Yes, I travel for inspiration. I would love to come 
             to Alaska someday.
Michae1 J  : I've flown over Alaska, I'd love to come someday.
Michae1 J  : Maybe if you extend an invitation.
B BeIIamy  : Mike, you're known for your performances, what can we  
             look forward to for the MTV Music Video awards?
Mtvmail    : Frogbelly: In your song CHILDHOOD you've never really 
             known the joys of youth, what is the one thing
Mtvmail    : you missed the most?
Michae1 J  : Probably the simple little things that kids do
Michae1 J  : like having a fried over or going to the park or
Michae1 J  : even trick or treat, or Christmas, or a birthday.
Michae1 J  : When we were little we didn't have any of those 
Michae1 J  : To this day, I haven't celebrated my birthday yet.
MTVixen    : Did you know Michael's birthday is only 12 days 
B BeIIamy  : Happy Birthday Michael!  ;)
Mtvmail    : Diva: Michael, I love HIStory and think it's the best 
             yet. When are you going to release the
Mtvmail    : videos as a complete set? 
Michae1 J  : This Christmas I think we're going to release a 
             complete set of the shorts in one volume.
Michae1 J  : That would include "Scream" and some others.
Mtvmail    : Applehead: It's one of Apple head's friends, guess 
             which one...hint Family Matters...what is your
favorite song on HIStory? Tell Lisa Marie and Janet I said hi
Michae1 J  :  My favorite song is probably "Childhood" "Earth 
             Song". But nice to hear from you Brighton,
Michae1 J  : hope I get to see you soon. Tell all my other 
             relatives I said hello.
B BeIIamy  : Mike, I have to tell you that "Stranger in Moscow" is 
             the bomb!!!
Mtvmail    : Mr Potter: Do you ever wish you could play small 
             rooms with intimate audiences rather than mega
Mtvmail    : productions?
Michae1 J  : Yes,
Michae1 J  : I think that is the mark of a real true performer
Michae1 J  : to be able to reach any audience around the world, 
             any culture,
Michae1 J  : not just the multitudes of people who play off each 
             other's energy.
Michae1 J  : If you can directly relate with a small group, a
Michae1 J  : kind of magic happens.
Michae1 J  : I started out in thos kind of venues.
Michae1 J  : This Christmas I'm doing HBO special that is intimate 
             like that.
Michae1 J  : It will allow me a chance to do something I really 
Mtvmail    : Samclarke: A story in the UK press claims a quickie 
             divorce on the way... is it true?
Michae1 J  : Never believe the tabloid garbage.
Michae1 J  : Dont' waste your time or money.
Michae1 J  : No it's not true.
Michae1 J  : If you hear it from my lips then you can believe it.
Mtvmail    : What is your process fromm going from a creating a 
             human rhthym on your voice-box to the album version
Mtvmail    : such as Tabloid Junkie
Michae1 J  : The processes creating a vocal rhythm to a click 
             track which is a sound, a beat,
Michae1 J  : is pretty much in rhythm. And you're doing these mouth
Michae1 J  : sounds to that beat.
Michae1 J  : These sounds can be looped according to how you 
             sample it in the computer again and again.
Michae1 J  : This is your foundation for the entire track 
Michae1 J  : plays off this.
Michae1 J  : It's the rhythm, like the beatbox rhythm.
Michae1 J  : Every song I've written since I was very little I've 
             done that way. I still do it that way.
Mtvmail    : Smufetty: I love you and have enjoyed your music 
             since icould hear and see..just one question:
Mtvmail    : how can you keep going when the media makes 
             everything so hard?
Michae1 J  : THank you for your compliment, I appreciate it.I 
             believe in my work, like I said, I have great
Michae1 J  : confidence in my dreams.
Michae1 J  : When I have a great idea I have an iron will,
Michae1 J  : Even though the media creates such negative stories 
             they do it just to sell more papers.
Michae1 J  : If you look throughout history, and I'm not trying 
             to put my name with the names of the past
Michae1 J  : it's been pretty much the same.
Michae1 J  : Ghandi, Christ and I'm not saying I'm Christ, I don't 
             want to hear the press saying that.
Michae1 J  : Some of the worst attentions had to do with ignorance 
             on the part of the people because of
Michae1 J  : the press. If it happened to them, it can happen to 
Mtvmail    : DanielStein:If you could meet someone dead or alive 
             and talk with them for an hour who would it be and
Mtvmail    : why. P.S. Rock on with your bad self!
Michae1 J  : It would probably be Michelangelo
Michae1 J  : because I think he is a phenomenal artist and I love 
Michae1 J  : I think I understand what he was trying to say and do
Michae1 J  : even though he got criticized.
Michae1 J  : He was a true artist to the point of true artistry.
Michae1 J  : I would love to just sit down and have a talk.
Mtvmail    : Tristine: Who is your best friend?
Michae1 J  : My best's pretty much the same as I've 
             said all the time, the children of the world.
Michae1 J  : They just want you for your love and nothing else, 
             and I love that.
Mtvmail    : AllenMeg: What was it that inspired you to become 
             involved with helping as many children as you do? I
Mtvmail    : think what you do for children is just wonderful. You 
             are just what they need when times are so tough
Michae1 J  : WellI truly care.about children and about the future
Michae1 J  : for our children. I'm a little frightened at what the 
             future will bring.
Michae1 J  : I will do everything I can i my power to help them.
Michae1 J  : When I go on tour I visit as many hospitals as I do 
Michae1 J  : At my ranch at Neverland we have Make A Wish 
             Foundation, Dream Street, children with cancer,
Michae1 J  : children with AIDS. I've always done this.
Michae1 J  : I do it because I love them and I truly care.
Michae1 J  : I've never been a person to say I'm gonna have my own 
             family and this is our group and I'm gonna be
Michae1 J  : territorial/
Michae1 J  : The whole world is my family,
Mtvmail    : It is rumored that you're doing another book? Are you 
             doing another book? If so, what will it contain
Michae1 J  : I wrote a book after Moonwalker called Dancing The 
Michae1 J  : It wasn't full of gossip and scandal and all the 
             trash that
Michae1 J  : people write so I don't think people paid much
Michae1 J  : attentio to it.
Michae1 J  : But it was a lovely book and it came from my heart.
Michae1 J  : It was full of pictures and essays and things I've
Michae1 J  : written down thru the years.
Michae1 J  : But I'm not planning on writing another book any time 
Michae1 J  : if you want to hear my feelings and thoughts, it's in 
Michae1 J  : It's a musical book.
MTVixen    : "BAD" was the first album in history to generate five 
             #1 singles.
Mtvmail    : When and how did you learn to moonwalk...I think it's 
             sooo coool
Michae1 J  : Thank you sooo much.
Michae1 J  : I've always loved illusion dancing when you can
                    pretty much create a step or an illusion with the
Michae1 J  : body. THere's a new step that looks like you defy 
             gravity that I've been working on for along time.
Michae1 J  : One of my favorite movers is MArce MArceau. 
Michae1 J  : But a lot of the steps that I do come from my herat.
Michae1 J  : A lot of the steps come from the black community.
Michae1 J  : From tap dancing, to the cake walk, to the Charlesto.
Michae1 J  : All these dances come from the black community to go 
             all over the world.
MTVixen    : Michael will perform at the MTV Video Music Awards             
             on September 7.
Mtvmail    : JamesBallengy: What advice you you give someone who 
             is in a similar position with the press? My little
Mtvmail    : sister Andre Balinge lost her Miss Virgina crown
Michae1 J  : You don't pay attention to it!
Michae1 J  : You become strong ,you move ahead.
Michae1 J  : I think the best advice I can give is believe in your 
             dreams, believe in yourself.
Michae1 J  : You future is ahead of you, continue to walk tall
Michae1 J  : and not pay attention to stupid larva, garbage
Michae1 J  : It's ignorance!
Mtvmail    : MsMittens: How are you doing and why are you doing 
             the simulchat tonight?
Michae1 J  : I'm fine, I'm doing all right.
Michae1 J  : I'm doing the simulchat because I love my fans and 
             the real people and this is my chance
Michae1 J  : to talk to you.
Michae1 J  : We live in an amazing age that our forefathers
Michae1 J  : only could have dreamed of.
Michae1 J  : We're pioneering, and I think it's great.
Michae1 J  : Hello Lisa Marie,
Michae1 J  : Hello Paul McCartney
Michae1 J  : I'd like to say helloto Mrs. Disney
Michae1 J  : and hello to all the fans and friends in
Michae1 J  : Gary Indiana
Michae1 J  : I'm trying to think of a good joke to tell, but I
Michae1 J  : dont' know any good jokes.
Michae1 J  : To all the fans around the world, know that I
Michae1 J  : love you inevery way.
Mtvmail    : VanishR29: How do you feel about technology like the 
             internet and it's effect on society?
Michae1 J  : I think it's wonderful.
Michae1 J  : I think it's just growing, this is the tip fo the 
Michae1 J  : In the next year we'll see some amazing growth in 
Michae1 J  : I hope I'm aroud to see everything that happens with 
Michae1 J  : If we continue to serve the world with it in a 
             positive way and not a negative way, I think
Michae1 J  : it's wonderful.
Mtvmail    : How involved are you in the other groups on your MJJ 
Michae1 J  : I'm very much involved, not to the point of always
Michae1 J  : being there, but listening to tapes, collaborating
Michae1 J  : on the telephone, picking artists recommending
Michae1 J  : ideas.
Michae1 J  : The new 3T album which I just heard I think is
Michae1 J  : going to be a big success.
Michae1 J  :  I do believe that.
Michae1 J  : I want to say hi to Bill Bellamy in LA
Michae1 J  : he's a great guy.
Michae1 J  : Thank you
Michae1 J  : Good night everybody.
Mtvmail    : Thank you and goodnight....
Michae1 J  : Talk to you soon. Bye!
MTVixen    : Well, there you go, something to tell your 
MTVixen    : You were here for the first-ever online simulchat to 
             be broadcast across
MTVixen    : online services and on MTV.
MTVixen    : So it's time to wrap. Thanks so much to Michael 
             Jackson for being with us here tonight for a little chunk of 
MTVixen    : See you next time in the MTV Arena.
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