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Web posted on: Tuesday, June 16, 1998 5:57:56 PM

Today's buzz stories:

The Lilith Fair Web site

Lilith Fair fans can get fill online

ATLANTA (CNN) -- Lilith Fair Productions is teaming with to give online fans a chance to sample music from the all-women's tour as it heads across the country this summer. According to a Tuesday press release, the Lilith Fair site ( will feature more than 100 songs from the Lilith Fair Live CD and by artists who will be performing on the tour. It will be available free of charge, 24 hours a day to all Internet users. Sarah McLachlan -- singer, songwriter, and founder of Lilith Fair -- said she is "thrilled" about the alliance.

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Judge: Baldwin must behave

NEW YORK (CNN) -- Actor Daniel Baldwin has escaped jail time for a drug-induced rampage through The Plaza Hotel in February. A judge on Monday told Baldwin he must remain in drug rehabilitation for at least the next three months and not get arrested again for a year. "If at the end of one year you have stayed out of trouble, stayed drug free, the record will be sealed," the judge said. Baldwin had earlier pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct charges.

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Bruce Willis airs religious, political perspectives

NEW YORK (CNN) -- In the latest issue of George magazine, actor Bruce Willis makes some interesting comments on religion and politics. Willis, whose movie "Armageddon" releases July 1, says modern religion is the "end trail" of mythology. "But there are people who interpret the Bible literally. Literally!" Willis is quoted as saying. "I choose not to believe that's the way. And that's what makes America cool, you know?" Willis also reveals that he switched from Democrat to Republican in 1992, but didn't vote in the 1996 election because he considered the Republican candidate, Bob Dole, a "nitwit."

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Grammys spurning Big Apple for L.A.

LOS ANGELES (CNN) -- The city of Los Angeles welcomed back the Grammys on Tuesday as the awards show announced it is moving back from New York after a spat with organizers and the mayor of the Big Apple. "Welcome home, Grammys!" Los Angeles Mayor Richard Riordan said as the move was announced, touting his city as "the entertainment capital of the world." In February, New York Mayor Rudolph Giuliani accused National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences President Michael Greene of insulting a member of his staff. The mayor skipped the show and said he wouldn't mind losing the Grammys to another city.

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Supermodel Eva Herzigova splitting with hubby

WEST PALM BEACH, Florida (CNN) -- Supermodel Eva Herzigova and Bon Jovi drummer Tico Torres have decided to call it quits, their publicist said in a statement Monday. Professional commitments have kept the couple apart for too much of their nearly two years of marriage, the statement said. The two remain "close friends," but need to split to tend to their individual careers, it said.

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