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Today's buzz stories:


Monica on Oprah?

CHICAGO (CNN) -- "The Oprah Winfrey Show" is negotiating with Monica Lewinsky to land the first one-on-one interview with the former White House intern, New York Daily News columnist Mitchell Fink told CNN Showbiz Today on Wednesday. Fink says sources tell him that Lewinsky's people want to do business with Oprah and have already turned down $2 million offers from other TV outlets.

"The Oprah Winfrey Show" refused to comment on the CNN report. Lewinsky's claim that she had an affair with President Clinton, which came out during prosecutor Kenneth Starr's investigation of the president, has spawned talk of impeachment proceedings against Clinton.

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Nickelodeon offering dialogue on Clinton crisis

NEW YORK (CNN) -- Parents who want to talk to their kids about the sex scandal plaguing the White House should tune in to Nickelodeon this coming Monday for "The Clinton Crisis," slated to air Monday at 9 p.m. ET, with hosts Katie Couric and Linda Ellerbee.

"My hope is that we provide kids and parents with the context to talk about what is a very big issue in the country right now," network president Herb Scannell said Wednesday.

The program will discuss how the American system of government works and explain issues such as perjury and impeachment. However, Nickelodeon doesn't intend to focus on the sexual details of the case that have made it an awkward story for parents, Scannell said.

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McCartney: No meat for this Beatle

LONDON (CNN) -- Former Beatle Sir Paul McCartney tells the Guardian newspaper he wants to quash rumors that he is not as committed to vegetarianism as his late wife, Linda, had been. McCartney denies he is a secret meat-eater but says that when he first became a full-fledged vegetarian, "it seemed like there was a hole in the middle of the plate."

McCartney said he was giving interviews about animal rights and vegetarianism in honor of Linda, who died in April at the age of 56 after a two-year fight against breast cancer. Since her death, McCartney has pledged to be as active as she was in supporting animal rights.

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"The Jerry Springer Show"

High school sued over showing 'Jerry Springer'

BRIDGEPORT, Connecticut (CNN) -- A former student at Stratford High School in Bridgeport, is suing school officials for $15,000, claiming he suffered a broken jaw and other injuries after a fight broke out during a school showing of "The Jerry Springer Show."

The 16-year-old said another student punched him in January after the two had a disagreement about the show, which included a fight between guests. School officials improperly permitted students to watch, during class time and a midterm exam, a television show "known to provoke violent confrontations," the lawsuit says. Town Attorney Richard Gilardi said school officials could not have foreseen the fight. He called the lawsuit "a legal stretch."

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Reuters contributed to this report.

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