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Web posted on: Friday, October 02, 1998 4:58:33 PM

Today's buzz stories:


Bobby Brown serves jail time for drunken driving

FORT LAUDERDALE, Florida (CNN) -- Five days after reporting to the Broward County jail in a white Rolls-Royce convertible, rhythm and blues singer Bobby Brown completed his drunken driving sentence and was released.

Brown, the husband of pop diva Whitney Houston, was convicted in January on charges of driving under the influence and DUI/property damage. In August 1996, he drove a black Porsche Carrera, leased to his wife, into a hedge at a south Florida condominium. Authorities said his blood-alcohol limit was measured at 0.22, nearly three times the state's legal limit.

In addition to the five-day jail term, Brown was ordered to spend 30 days in a residential drug and alcohol treatment center, attend DUI school, pay a $500 fine, perform 100 hours of community service and submit to random drug and alcohol testing.

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Kathy Kinney of 'Drew Carey' has healing attitude

(CNN) -- These days, Kathy Kinney is a successful actress with a role she has made her own, that of the big, flamboyant and eyeshadow-laden Mimi on "The Drew Carey Show." But she battled low self-esteem for years before supportive friends and comedic acting helped her accept her wider girth, she told USA Weekend. "For some reason, in this lifetime, I'm supposed to be a large woman," she says. "If you continue to fight it, it's like treading water in the Atlantic."

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Tom Cruise, real-life action hero?

LONDON (CNN) -- A mugging victim says that Tom Cruise is a hero to her, and she's not just talking about his big-screen roles. Rita Simmonds told Thursday's Evening Standard that Cruise ran to her rescue on September 23 as muggers pulled open the door of her Porsche and yanked off about $120,000 worth of jewelry.

Pat Kingsley, a spokeswoman for the actor, says the attack had already taken place when Cruise arrived on the scene, and that he had simply tried to console Simmonds. It's not the first time he has come to the aid of the distressed: in 1996, he got help for a woman who had been hit by a car. Cruise is in London with his wife, Nicole Kidman, and their children while Kidman performs in a sold-out production of the risque play "The Blue Room."

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Valenti sticks up for movie ratings

BEVERLY HILLS, California (CNN) -- Until the parents of America tell him to change it, Jack Valenti says, the movie ratings system he created 30 years ago will stay in place. In fact, he thinks it works so well it deserves its own rating of JF, "Just Fine."

Speaking to about 300 business, political and entertainment figures, Valenti acknowledged that the ratings system has its flaws. Filmmakers have long claimed that the system has more tolerance for violence than sexual content, and complained that the 12-member ratings board acts arbitrarily and secretly.

Still, Valenti said, the industry hasn't found anything that works better, and 70 percent of parents with children under age 13 say they find the rating system useful. The ratings system will mark its 30th anniversary November 1.

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Gymnast Shannon Miller getting married

EDMOND, Oklahoma (CNN) -- The American gymnasts who took home the gold at the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta may be reuniting soon -- but not for more acrobatics. Instead, seven-time Olympic medalist Shannon Miller, who was a part of the team, plans to invite the old gang to another big event: her wedding.

Miller, 21, announced her engagement Thursday to Chris Phillips, 25. The two University of Oklahoma students have been dating since February, and plan a June wedding. She said she received her proposal (via fortune cookie) at a Chinese restaurant where the couple and her parents were dining.

"It was kind of a surprise that he did it when he did it," Miller said. "I think that we're both definitely ready to make that commitment."

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Reuters contributed to this report.

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