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A victorious Leno

Leno takes on Hulk Hogan in tag team -- and wins

Web posted on: Monday, August 10, 1998 6:35:29 PM

STURGIS, South Dakota (CNN) -- Thousands of bikers on Harleys revved their engines to rally "Tonight Show" host Jay Leno Saturday night, as he took on Hulk Hogan in the World Championship Wrestling's ring at the Sturgis Motorcycle Classic.

Late Night Champion of the World Jay Leno
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The big-chinned comedian wore a baggy T-shirt and sweat pants instead of the Day-Glo spandex favored by most wrestlers, as he teamed up with Diamond Dallas Page against Hogan and Eric Bischoff in the pay-per-view event.

Leno proved himself a real wrestler, dropping Hogan early in the match and later stunning Bischoff with a low blow and slamming his head repeatedly into the ring's corner post.

The fans loved Leno: Clouds of exhaust filled the air as they goosed their motorcycle throttles in applause.

The victory for Leno and Page was due in part to Kevin Eubanks, the "Tonight Show" band leader and Leno's manager for the wrestling match. Eubanks stepped in and used a trademark Page move, the "Diamond Cutter," to immobilize Bischoff so Leno could pin him.

Later, posing with an oversized championship belt, Leno was asked if there might be a rematch. "I don't know," he said. "I just wanted to hold the belt!"

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