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The Fashion Season

At 81, China Machado is probably the world's oldest signed model.

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Emilio de la Moreno's inspirationupdated Wed Oct 19 2011 08:09:32

Emilio de la Moreno speaks to CNN about his trip to Mexico and New York and inspiration behind his Spring 2012 look.

Music icons Amy Winehouse, John Lydon capturedupdated Tue Oct 18 2011 09:13:20

As an 11-year-old boy, Hedi Slimane sought refuge in the school darkroom. Shortly after starting photography classes, the former Dior Homme designer had a key to the lab and would go there to develop photos whenever he could.

Building the brand: 10 great fashion-architecture hook upsupdated Wed Oct 12 2011 05:48:50

In a quiet corner of Singapore's upscale Marina Bay Sands, a sparkling pavilion of glass and steel has been built out over the water.

Race and fashion: Still an issue?updated Fri Oct 07 2011 05:08:08

From designer John Galliano's anti-Semitic tirade to Vogue Italia's recent reference to "slave earrings" -- the fashion world is often, it seems, at the sharp end of the race debate.

China's famous supermodelupdated Thu Oct 06 2011 12:55:24

Chinese supermodel Liu Wen shows CNN's Nick Parker around fashion week.

Fashion trends just a click awayupdated Wed Oct 05 2011 09:58:00

Bloggers join designers, celebrities and traditional press for runway shows. CNN's Monita Rajpal reports.

China's famous supermodelupdated Wed Oct 05 2011 05:13:37

Chinese supermodel Liu Wen shows us around fashion week.

Behind the scenes of the beauty industryupdated Wed Oct 05 2011 05:13:30

CNN's Monita Rajpal takes a look at the power of the beauty industry and the latest trends.

Retail therapy: Can Japan enjoy shopping again?updated Tue Oct 04 2011 08:56:40

The world of fashion responded to Japan's March earthquake, like many other industries, with the desire to help its victims.

Scarlett Johannson on the art of being a museupdated Sat Oct 01 2011 06:41:58

In a pastel pink lace dress, blonde hair bobbed and crimped, skin pale apart from a flash of ruby red lipstick, Scarlett Johansson bought a touch of old Hollywood glamor to Milan fashion week this year.

How a small-town girl became China's first supermodelupdated Fri Sep 30 2011 06:05:44

Backstage at the Michael Kors show, a strange air of calm hangs over the make-up area. Although security is predictably tight, there is no screaming or high drama.

In pictures: Paris fashions get a spring in their stepupdated Thu Sep 29 2011 06:41:48

Focus on fashion photographyupdated Wed Sep 28 2011 19:17:31

Image is everything in fashion. Monita Rajpal meets three very different photographers at the forefront of the industry.

Six secrets behind cool brands updated Wed Sep 28 2011 10:52:21

Why does French dressmaker Chanel always seem chic? What does British seamstress Vivienne Westwood have that others don't? And even though it's been 25 years since "Top Gun", why does everybody still want a pair of Ray Bans?

Why denim never fades from fashionupdated Tue Sep 27 2011 16:58:03

A focus on denim's journey from humble work wear to luxury wardrobe staple.

How 'Vogue' keeps Main Street happyupdated Tue Sep 27 2011 09:03:14

Vogue magazine's "Fashion Night Out" tries to inject life into ailing retail outlets around the world.

Glitter and glamor at Milan Fashion Weekupdated Mon Sep 26 2011 12:27:59

Celebrity fashion labels: The good, the bad and the uglyupdated Thu Sep 22 2011 11:20:02

He might be responsible for reviving one of the worst moments in the history of sunglasses -- the "shutter shades" -- but rapper Kanye West is hoping that all will be forgiven as he debuts his own line at Paris Fashion Week later this month.

The Fashion Seasonupdated Wed Sep 21 2011 13:18:24

Chinese model Liu Wen introduces CNN's Fashion Season starting on September 26

The Fashion Season (Mandarin)updated Wed Sep 21 2011 13:14:09

Chinese model Liu Wen introduces CNN's Fashion Season starting on September 26

Will Chinese designers get left behind in China's fashion boom?updated Thu Sep 15 2011 09:12:51

After Vic Huo graduated from fashion design school in 2007, she landed four jobs as an apparel designer for Chinese brands. The first three jobs, she quit. At her last job, she was fired.

New York Fashion Week in picturesupdated Mon Sep 12 2011 10:13:31

Power dressing: What world leaders' clothes say about themupdated Mon Sep 12 2011 09:38:15

When Marilyn Monroe quipped that all it took to conquer the world was the right pair of shoes, she perhaps knew more than she was letting on.