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B r o w s e r  p l u g - i n s

MPEG Layer 3 audio
Platform: All

MPEG Layer 3 audio, or "MP3" for short, is a relatively new audio file format that delivers near-CD quality sound at a fraction of the normal file size, allowing for a quick download. You can play MPEG-3 files with the Windows Media Player.

•Other players for many platforms are available here.

Apple Computer Quicktime
Platform: Macintosh, Windows 3.1, Windows 95/NT

QuickTime is the multi-platform industry-standard multimedia architecture used by software tool vendors and content creators to create and deliver synchronized graphics, sound, video, text and music.

• Download this plug-in from Apple

RealPlayer 5.0
Platform: Windows 95/NT, Power Macintosh, Windows 3.11, OS/2, several Unix platforms

Required for: live and on-demand video at
RealNetworks is the recognized leader in the streaming media market. RealPlayer 5.0 plays all RealAudio, RealVideo and RealFlash programming on the Internet, making it the most popular way to experience streaming multimedia on the Internet.

• Download this plug-in directly from RealNetworks

Windows Media Player
Platform: Windows 95/NT

Required for: live and on-demand video at
Windows Media delivers the highest-quality streaming audio and video in the industry.

• Download this plug-in directly from Microsoft

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