Tuesday Nov. 4, 1997

Election '97:
Giuliani Wins With Ease
Gilmore Takes Virginia Governor's Race
Four Key Races In Tuesday's Elections

Clinton Begins Congressional Consultation On Bosnia
Fast Track Bill Clears Key Hurdle
Senate Kills Education Accounts
Hatch Opposes Civil Rights Nominee
Senate Panel Opens Internet Hearing
Senator Made Promo Video In Office
Analysis: GOP Outspends Dems This Election
Senate Confirms New IRS Chief
Clinton Gains Support On Fast-Track

Congressional Quarterly:
Campaign Probe Proves To Be No Watergate
California Rep. Capps Dies Of Heart Attack
No Deficit To Kick Around Anymore
Senate Exit Smooth, But House Is Gridlocked
Ballots: Gay Rights To Patients' Rights
Religious Freedom Measure Dead For Year
Taxes Headline Races North and South
Educators Examine Clinton Testing Plan
Thompson Halts Hearings, Reluctantly

Bill Mitchell: Standing Tall