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Mother's Day

Gadgets: Not just for Dad anymore

By Elizabeth Knefel
Special to CNN Interactive

(CNN) -- Forget the flowers and candy -- doesn't Mom deserve something different this year?

Shops and catalogs these days are brimming with high-tech gifts that would help most moms more than a cookbook or a new houserobe.

Here's a few we found:

High-tech grooming

It looks like a normal hairbrush, but it's not. The Ionic Hair Wand uses an "ion conditioning" process to improve the look and feel of your hair. As Mom runs the battery-powered brush through her hair, the device bathes each strand in "purifying, repairing" ions. It's supposed to smooth and separate hair, making it more manageable, adding volume, body and luster with each two-minute "treatment."

The Sharper Image claims it will prevent split ends and even remove the odor of cigarette smoke from your hair. Moms can use the device anytime or anywhere, and it's supposed to reduce the need for frequent shampooing. The Ionic Hair Wand is for all types and lengths of hair. It comes with a one-year warranty and costs $39.

The Sharper Image

Hands-free phone

Most moms don't have a free moment, let alone a free hand. The Uniden "Hands-Free" 900 MHz wireless phone lets Mom talk while keeping her hands available for other things.

With the handset clipped onto her belt and the headset slipped over her head, Mom can receive or initiate calls up to 900 feet away. The phone features a 40-channel scan, 10 number memory and page find. For $169.95, there is a choice of black or ivory models; it also features a 14-day battery and a one-year guarantee.

Uniden Product Catalog

Electronic noise maker

If you're worried about your mother's safety, there are dozens of electronic security products to consider. The Radar Watchdog and Intrusion Alarm, also from The Sharper Image, protects Mom in two ways. It's a powerful motion detector effective up to 20 feet through glass, walls and doors.

Once it detects an intruder, a variety of frightening alarm sounds are activated. Mom can choose from the digitized sounds of guard dogs barking or the wailing scream of a burglar alarm -- all highly effective in keeping intruders away. It weighs only three pounds, uses batteries or plugs into a wall outlet. The cost with a one-year warranty is $139.

The Sharper Image

And what about the mom who already has everything?

Consider something more low-tech ... like taking her out to dinner.

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