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Mother's Day

Meet the Winners!

Beth Lazar

Motherhood. A chance born of ourselves, a gift given by ourselves to ourselves. A serious teacher, Unselfish sacrifice. Being forced to peek in the mirror of our own human frailties. Having to wear the yoke of responsibility while trying to look graceful, unruffled, omnipotent. Having a sense or humor when knowing we aren't. Realizing that one good moment can erase about one hundred bad ones. Motherhood, remembering the days may be long, but the years are short.


Aloha, everyone. Thank you for your stories. This is the story of one of the most treasured Mother's Day cards I have ever received. I still have it. Well over thirty years ago it was delivered by hand. It was from a son who was then only eight years old. On the cover of a beige colored piece of folded construction paper is the most beautiful, solitary bright-orange, crayon-drawn carrot. Yes, a carrot. A complete one, with green top leaves, too. Inside the card, in carefully pencilled and printed words:



Happy Mother's Day

your loving son, Eric

It was later - many, many years later, he explained that in his deepest of feelings of love for me, he was trying to think of a way to compare me to something "the most favorite" in his life. At that time, he recalled, carrots were his favorite color and food. In that card is a wonderful lesson in life about how to accept and cherish the many and often surprising, unexpected and unusual ways in which love can be shared, expressed, and of course, treasured forever. And for this Mother's Day and to all of you who have expressed your aloha for your moms, this is one mother who just wanted to share a story of how much that really, really can mean and become a treasure for your mom to keep forever, too.

Thank you to all who participated. Read through all the beautiful entries on our Mother's Day: What does it mean to you? message board.

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