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Visions of China:  50 and Beyond
50 and Beyond
Time machine: At 2050

Will China see a shift to democracy?

Political future

Two views: What's to celebrate?

Primer: Social issues

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The Red Giant
Asian Superpower
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Who's who
They shape China's politics, trade and culture. A look at the nation's current and future movers and shakers. »

China at 2050 Time machine: At 2050
Will the People's Republic exist a half-century from now? Peer into our crystal ball.
Democracy Will China see a shift to democracy?
China's brand of democracy may always be different from the Western model.
Political Overview Political future
Where is China headed in the next century?
Point-Counterpoint Two views: What's to celebrate?
One of China's most famous dissidents and its ambassador to the U.S. face off.
Video Archive Video highlights
Missed that CNN story on China? You can catch it here.
News Archive Recent stories
It's a 7 by 24 cycle: All the news you need on China.
Social Overview Primer: Social issues
Examine some of the major social issues affecting China today.

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