The National Army carries out military operations to defend and maintain Colombia's territorial integrity, independence and sovereignty, to create a climate of peace, security and development that guarantees the nation's constitutional order.


This is a trained, organized, professional and modern army which has been victorious in combat and is prepared for peace, rooted in its values, and integrated in the development of the nation, which is making its way successfully in the 21st Century.


-- Trained, organized, professional and modern

A powerful and technically advanced army made up of highly professional men and women, whose organization corresponds to its objectives.

-- Victorious in combat and prepared for peace

The army is prepared to confront either scenario: its victory will be decisive to reach and consolidate peace

-- Rooted in its values

An army whose behavior is based on a set of shared and inviolable beliefs which guide it on its course. The army's objective is to properly handle moments of tension.

-- Integrated in the development of a nation

It is an army committed to national policies, the orders of the government and the welfare and development of the community.

-- Advancing towards the 21st Century

An army that is evolving and preparing to meet the challenges that the 21st century will bring.


These are unchanging truths that go with the deep ethical foundation of our personnel, rooted in military virtues, which all must comply with and none may violate

Respect for the Constitution and the Law.

Obey and apply the Constitution. Our mission is to defend and respect it.

Professional competence.

Professionalism and dedication in everything we do. Develop to the maximum our level of organization, and lead this organization through the application of modern ideas.

Military honor.

Carry with pride and respect the military colors and uniform. Give yourself to the vocation and accept responsibility for actions and omissions in the carrying out of responsibilities.

Ethical behavior in everything we do.

Military behavior is characterized by the practice of morality together with military values and virtues. Soldiers must be able to guard military secrets.

Commitment to the nation.

This means a commitment to the homeland, to the cause of democracy, to properly leading the men under a command, to the visions, to the principles, to turning the Army into the kind of organization we all want: an Enterprise prepared to serve the National Defense and Security.



Honesty has to do with the way one is, the way one works, the way one builds changes to improve things. It has to do with the way criticism is presented, serving as a model for the new generations. Be decorous in all your actions so you can have the moral authority to demand of others what it expected of them.


Be faithful and unfailing to the homeland and the Institution, in carrying out the law, towards your superiors and the men under your command, and to the mission that has been assigned to you.


Be profoundly considerate of other people and their dignity, of fellow military personnel, superiors and those under your command, and of their families. Fully respect Human Rights.


Courage, dauntlessness, and valor in confronting the challenges and difficulties of a given mission, and in recognizing errors and correcting them.

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The above text was translated into English from the Colombian Army's Web site

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