General Staff

Urabá, June 14, 2000

Dr. Camilo Gómez
High Commissioner for Peace

Honorable Mr. Commissioner:

The General Staff of Colombia's United Self-Defense Forces takes the liberty of reporting the following to you and the people of Colombia:

1. Colombia's United Self-Defense Forces consider unacceptable the possibility of designating a territory for the ELN. This goes against the will of the Colombian people who intend to continue to demand the right to be protected by the State and its Armed Forces.

2. Our armed organization maintains a military confrontation with the ELN which will continue - in all of the Colombian territory - until the guerrilla movement permanently ceases its terrorist campaign against the nation and the Colombian people.

3. Until there is an agreement between Colombia's United Self-Defense Forces and the guerrilla, we are under no obligation to give in on any front to the guerrilla aggressors. Agreements between the ELN and the government do not put Colombia's United Self-Defense Forces under any obligation.

4. We call upon the National Government to stop surrendering the country's territory to the guerrilla as it has being doing until now. The government has made too many concessions, whereas the guerrillas have not demonstrated any compassion for Colombia or for the Colombian people. We demand actions that lead to true peace.

Colombia's United Self-Defense Forces General Staff Text translated into English from the AUC Web site

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