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[Paige Farley-Hackel]
Name:Paige Farley-Hackel
Residence:Newton, MA, United States
Occupation: spiritual counselor
Location: AA Flight 11

Best friend of Ruth Magdeline McCourt

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Updated: June 19, 2002
Tributes and Information

Farley-Hackel was traveling to Disneyland with Ruth and Juliana McCourt. She was unable to get a ticket to fly with them on United Airlines flight 175, and was booked instead on American Airlines flight 11.

Page touched our lives for only a short time. She was married to my brother Ed Swartz. She came to our home several times. My father was their best man and my sister was a bridesmaid. We attended their wedding in Boston. I have pictures of that day. She had a beautiful smile. I'm sure that we were not the family she had hoped to marry into. We are very simple people. We do not have fancy homes or lots of money but we have big hearts and lots of love and we loved her. You see, we wept tears for her also. It was our pleasure to know her, and love her. She will be missed by all who knew her. The Kenneth Swartz family

Dianne Swartz Detra, once sister-in-law

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