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[Tara Kathleen Creamer]
Name:Tara Kathleen Creamer
Residence:Worcester, MA, United States
Occupation: planning manager, TJX Co.
Location: AA Flight 11
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Updated: September 9, 2003
Tributes and Information

Tara, I will miss your great big smile that would light up a room. To John, Colin, and Nora I know that everyday is tough without Tara and I know I miss her dearly. I know that it is so much harder for you all and seeing Christmas is near. Remember this! "Behold, I send an Angel before you to keep you in the way and to bring you into the place which I have prepared". Exodus 23:20. Love, your friend.

Junior Estrada, classmate and friend

I didn't know her, I only knew her name. You see, on September 16, I went to church to pray for my country. Included in our offering plate was a basket full of names. Names of people to pray for, names of people's families to pray for. I reached in and got Tara Creamers name. Her and her family are now in my prayers everyday. God bless all of the people who have hurt as much as her family. I hope my prayers give them strength!!!

Laura Dragoo

I pray for her family to find peace that she is with God.

Terri Avery, wears a silver bracelet with Creamer's name

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