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[James Daniel Debeuneure]
Name:James Daniel Debeuneure
Residence:Upper Marlboro, MD, United States
Occupation: fifth-grade teacher, Ketcham Elementary School (Washington)
Location: AA Flight 77
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Updated: September 4, 2003
Tributes and Information

Deb, I know you will never see these words; the irony of this is that there are no words that could express what is in my heart. My heart is full of sadness knowing that at the next family function you will not physically be there. I know in my soul and mind however that your sprit will. In fact, you will always be with us. And we will carry you with us always, the warmth of your smile, the joy in your laughter and your tenderness of others that was always shown in your eyes.

It is never easy to say goodbye to someone you love, we expect our loved ones to be with us always, but when reality steps in and death rears its ugly head, our world turns on it axis. So instead of seeing your face or hearing your voice, we are left with pictures and memories. There are so many moments of our times together that bring laughter to my heart, and a smile to my lips; for example, I can remember the last family reunion, it was two hundred degrees and you were standing over the grill burning me a hot dog. If I didn't say it then, thank you. Thank you for being my cousin, my friend and a joy to us all.

Our lives will continue, as will our love for you. They say when someone dies you never really lose them; I know you are not lost to me and the rest of the family, or to all those you have touched with your tenderness. I also know you are not alone in heaven because many of our family members have gone before you, and many of us will follow. One day we will all be together again and we can have a family reunion to end all family reunions. I ask one thing of you, will you burn me a hot dog? They do have hot dogs in haven don't they? I will see you when God calls me home but in the meantime give the rest of the family a kiss for me.

Sheila L. Dunston, cousin

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