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[William E. Caswell]
Name:William E. Caswell
Residence:Silver Spring, MD, United States
Occupation: physicist, U.S. Navy
Location: AA Flight 77
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Updated: September 9, 2003
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I used to think that planes were beautiful. It always seemed such an amazing thing to fly - to soar above the world, in a way, free from the reigns and problems of the earth. Now I can only see death when I look at planes… I see pictures in my head of planes crashing through buildings…I see videotapes from the morning of September 11th, when it just seemed like a horrible dream or a sick joke by some young movie director inspired by Orson Welles’ “War of the worlds”. Little did I know, when I first saw those images, that one of the planes had crashed into my family as well; and we would never be the same again. It wasn’t until my father’s phone call when he simply and almost, calmly said “I think we’ve lost him” that I immediately let out a strange cry, but it was unlike any cry I’d ever experienced. It was almost a gasp or a scream, more intense than any cry before or since. It was obvious to me then that a violence had been done… .to me. I wasn’t scraped or bruised….no broken bones, in fact, to look at me I looked normal….except for the puffy eyes and the sullen expression. But I was no longer normal, I had some invisible appendage that I had lost and could no longer function as before. I would see the media coverage of the rubble, twisted steel and concrete which were once the twin towers, the pentagon or the planes. What people can’t see are all the families of the victims trying to put the broken and twisted pieces of their family back together…but because they are so damaged and not all the pieces are there…they just don’t fit together anymore. The families are splayed out and crumpled just like the wreckage of the buildings and planes. And that wreckage will take a lot longer to clean up.

Julia Caswell Daitch, sister

Our lives barely touched; I know your sister, your mother taught me art. Your family is in my prayers.

Sharon, friend of family

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