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[Alicia Nicole Titus]
Name:Alicia Nicole Titus
Residence:San Francisco, CA, United States
Occupation: flight attendant, United Airlines
Location: UA Flight 175
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Updated: September 4, 2003
Tributes and Information

Alicia and I went through training together for United Airlines Flight Attendants. We had the opportunity to spend 6 weeks together and a very memorable trip to London on New Years Day. My heart aches everyday for Alicia and her loved ones. She embodied a spirit that captivated everyone she came in contact with. I miss her smile, charm, warmth and graciousness and will mourn our loss of a spectacular individual. I am currently furloughed from my flying career but when I return - and I will - I will dedicate each and every flight to her memory and the other friends/flying partners I lost on UA 93 and UA 175. God Bless

Dale Oler, friend/colleague

You spread your wings and flew. You will never be forgotten.

Sharon, niece's friend

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