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[Garnet Edward (Ace) Bailey]
Name:Garnet Edward (Ace) Bailey
Residence:Lynnfield, MA, United States
Occupation: pro hockey scouting director, Los Angeles Kings
Location: UA Flight 175
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Updated: October 8, 2002
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Ace taught me how to have fun playing the game or hockey. I will always rememeber him sitting at the back of the plane when we went on road trips. Someone asked him why and he responded "ever see a plane back into a mountain?" I learned alot about hockey from you Ace but more about life.

Cal Roadhouse

The NHL has lost an incredibly valuable member of the association. With respect to Mrs. Bailey and son Todd, please take comfort knowing he will never be forgotten, especially from all of us Canadian hockey fans! Peace to you all.

Ann-Marie Mansour

Any kid who played hockey around Boston in the early 70's knew if they wore a turtleneck under their jersey, that for the entire time on the ice they would be called "Ace." This was Ace Bailey's trademark. He was a great player and a great guy.

D. Welsh, fan

Heaven's hockey team just got a little better. God bless you all.

Tom, fan

Ace Bailey was alway a favorite hockey player of mine in the early '70s. Ace won two Stanley Cups with Boston. He was a tough player; he didn't have too many fans at New York's Madison Square Garden! He will be missed.

Mike Cannon, a fan

I remember the first time I met you here in Edmonton, When you were with the Oilers, and I thought what a nice person. God bless.

Dean Peterson, friend

As the rose grew up the vine, God saw its beauty and plucked it to add to his beautiful garden.

Velista Jones

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