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[Joseph J. Coppo Jr.]
Name:Joseph J. Coppo Jr.
Residence:New Canaan, CT, United States
Occupation: Municipal Bond Trader, Cantor Fitzgerald
Location: World Trade Center, Tower 1, 104th floor
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Updated: September 9, 2003
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In the few short years that I knew Joe, I quickly came to realize how much I would learn from him. The veteran took the rookie under his wing. Always suggesting things in just the right way, not too forceful, but always firmly. As his catcher, I could see his ability to control any situation. It is my guess that this is how Joe was as a father and a husband. I will always remember the easy way and big smile. God bless.

Carlos Rodriquez, college teammate, Manhattan College

My prayers go out to Joe's family. I feel I am a very lucky person to have met Joe last year at a wedding in Baltimore. Everything that was stated in the New York Daily sports section regarding his memorial could not have been any better. He was a wonderful person and again, I am very grateful and blessed to have known him and his lovely wife Pat. God rest you Joe and God bless you Pat and the children. He will never be forgotten. I feel I am a better person because he came into my life.

Dorothy "Deebs" Butcher, friend

Joe Coppo was truly one of the finest friends any one of us could have asked for. I knew Joe when he was fresh out of college and was brought to our firm in Los Angeles as a bright and energetic young star. Our office was never the same! He married the love of his life, Patricia Brennan, and began raising a wonderful family that he dedicated virtually every spare moment to. Joe was passionate in his belief that your family was truly the most important part of one's life, and we must never forget that. We still have not come to grips with the fact that Joe was taken from us in the most tragic and unfair of ways, but we take solace in the wonderful fact that God allowed him to be part of our lives for 47 very special years.

James R. Quandt, friend

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