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[Jonathan Lee Ielpi]
Name:Jonathan Lee Ielpi
Residence:Great Neck, NY, United States
Occupation: Firefighter, New York Fire Department
Location: World Trade Center
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Updated: June 18, 2002
Tributes and Information

Jonathan was my cousin's best friend. I did not know him personally, but my cousins and uncles, who are also firemen, knew him very well. I have a memorial to Jonathan on my car and will never forget him and all the brave firemen who died so tragically. My family and I send our deepest sympathy to Jonathan's wife and family and pray they are able to find peace.

Jennifer Van Doren, family friend

Jon was a good guy and a wealth of knowledge that will surely be missed. He would go out of his way to help and if he had to die doing what he loved best, it's tragic it had to be at such a young age.

Felix Lugo Jr., friend

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