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[Stephen Gerard Siller]
Name:Stephen Gerard Siller
Residence:West Brighton, NY, United States
Occupation: firefighter, New York Fire Department
Location: World Trade Center
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Updated: September 9, 2003
Tributes and Information

I knew the parents who both died young and left him in the loving hands of caring siblings. He died, I think, as he wanted to. I am proud of all the brothers and sisters, proud for what they are and what they made of him. Sic monumentum requieris, circumspecie.

Fred Harmon, family friend

If you knew Stephen, you know a few words could never say it all and a million wouldn't be enough. Like wonderful comets that streak across our horizons, Stephen shot across our ours with brilliance and dazzling light. Stephen left us and we remain standing in awe, looking up to the heavens wondering. I guess what the poet has said is true.. it was heaven here with you. Until we meet again, Joe.

Joe Meagher, Friend

May the Lord watch over you and your loving family. The Lord took you too soon but there must be a good reason.

The Cooleens, Friends

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