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[Tonyell McDay]
Name:Tonyell McDay
Residence:Colonia, NJ, United States
Occupation: computer technician, Marsh Inc.
Location: World Trade Center, Tower 1, 97th floor
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Updated: October 8, 2002
Tributes and Information

Ejaz Bonaccorti, friend

Dear Tonyell: You are dynamite. Will miss you very much.

Miss McDay like so many other victims died to early in life. She had so much left to give. I have tried to make some sense out of what happened on September 11 but I am still shocked. How could so many innocent people be murdered in such a horrible fashion. God is trying to tell us something. What it is I don't know. As I look at Miss McDays young face I ask myself with all the evil that is still loose in this world why did this young woman have to die so horribly. I guess it is beyond my understanding. May God rest her soul.

De Wayne Williams

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