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[Jeannine Marie Damiani-Jones]
Name:Jeannine Marie Damiani-Jones
Residence:New York, NY, United States
Occupation: bond broker, Cantor Fitzgerald
Location: World Trade Center, Tower 1
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Updated: March 10, 2002
Tributes and Information

I pray for her father, mother, family and new husband. I cannot imagine the loss and pain they are feeling right now. Let no one forget those who are not with us. This is devastating to all, the grief and tragedy seems to know no bounds. My thoughts are with her family and other families who have lost loved ones as well. I am sorry.

E. Callahan, high school classmate

My condolences to her family, friends and loved ones. From Melbourne, Australia.

Jayd Novello

My heart and prayers will always remember Jeannine, her mother, Cathy, and family every day. Jeannine and those who passed on with her were true "martyrs of faith and freedom."

Gloria Snyder, family acquaintance

Everyday, I pray for her mom and dad, her brother and her new husband. I cannot imagine the pain they must be going through. Everyday, I ask God to keep them strong and to bless them with His everlasting love. My thoughts and my prayers will be with them ... always.


What a pretty smile. I know she's in heaven. How could she not be? My sincerest sympathies.


A beautiful woman with a beautiful smile. I just know her smile is lighting up heaven.


My tribute to her and her familiy: I wish this would never happen again in this land.

Carlos Nunez

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