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[Scott Saber]
Name:Scott Saber
Residence:New York, NY, United States
Occupation: UBS Warburg
Location: World Trade Center
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Updated: March 10, 2002
Tributes and Information

I want to send this poem and hope it might help you and your daughter as she gets older.

Even in death a father never leaves his children.
His smile still brightens your day.
His touch brings comfort to you.
His love is forever embedded into your heart.
He appears with every thought of him.
His voice still rings in your mind.
The laughter you shared still makes you laugh.
His love forever flows through you.
Cherish the memories of your life with him.
Speak of him often as though he stands beside you.
Smile with every mention of his name.
His love shall remain with you always.
Rejoice that he is in a better place.
He stands at the side of God with no pain or sadness.
Celebrate his new life and shed tears of joy.

I wrote this in hopes of maybe touching someone. I hope I have. God bless you always and may angels be with you.

Grace Sotelo

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