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[Christopher Dincuff]
Name:Christopher Dincuff
Residence:Jersey City, NJ, United States
Occupation: Assistant trader, Carr Futures
Location: World Trade Center
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Updated: June 19, 2002
Tributes and Information

One of the few people on this Earth who could make a positive difference in everyone's life he encountered. Just want you to know, Dink, that all your friends and family sorely miss ya, but you will NEVER be forgotten. 'Til we all meet again.

Paul Solecki, friend

I know Chris from high school. Even though he graduated in 1988 and I did in 1990, it was a small school and every one knew each other. Chris always had a smile on his face and befriended every person he came into contact with. He made an everlasting impression on a lot of people including me. My prayers go out to Chris, his family and all of his friends -- he will be missed.

Amy Chordas, high school classmate

I met Chris on September 12, 2000. He and I and George Byrer were matched as contestants on ESPN's Two Minute Drill. I was around him only a few hours, and I was amazed at his enthusiasm and his great personality. He also had a large group of friends there at the studio. I was amazed at how happy the group was together. I know he is grinning and smiling.

Tom Clark, acquaintance

Chris and I were fraternity brothers at Villanova. I have never and will never meet a person like him -- so high on life and so friendly to all humankind. We have lost one of the world's most genuine people. I am grateful to have had Chris add brightness to my life the last 10 years. I'll miss you Dinc. My best to his family.

Joel Petino, classmate

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