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[John Bruce Eagleson]
Name:John Bruce Eagleson
Residence:Middlefield, CT, United States
Occupation: vice president, East Coast, The Westfield Group
Location: World Trade Center, Tower 2
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Updated: June 19, 2002
Tributes and Information

I met Bruce professionally. He always had a smile on his face and was intensely proud of his wife and children. His office was full of sports memorabilla from coaching his son's teams. Bruce was always going 90 miles a minute, but would always stop to talk with you and sooner or later become a friend. He is sadly missed.

Bill Richards, friend

To my friend and mentor "The Big B," The days bring us memories of happiness we shared when you walked among us, the memory is a blessing forever. Months and years may pass but we still feel you near. Our hearts yearn. Bitter grief may soften. A duller pain abides for the place you once stood is empty now, the links of life broken. But links of memories cannot break. Your soul is bound up in ours forever. We see you as a memory, faults forgiven, virtures grown larger. So does goodness live and weakness fade. We remember you with gratitude and bless your name. I give you thanks that you touched my life, an imprint of your teachings and leadership shall forever remain. My soul is heavily saddend with pain, for your memory will always remain.

Sandy Korcak, boss and friend

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