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[Stephen K. Tompsett]
Name:Stephen K. Tompsett
Residence:Garden City, NY, United States
Occupation: computer scientist and vice president, Instinet (Reuters)
Location: World Trade Center
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Updated: September 9, 2002
Tributes and Information

My husband, Stephen Tompsett worked for Instinet Corporation as a senior vice president in technology. He was attending a conference at Windows on the World on September 11. Stephen was 39 years old and although he was dedicated to his work and the people he worked with, he was always with our daughter Emily and I. Our daughter turned 10 eleven days after her father was killed. We were an especially close-knit family as Emily was our only child because of many, many miscarriages. We were completely devoted to each other. My husband came to New York 15 years ago from Australia on a three-week business trip and never left. We had been together constantly since. Until September 11, the longest we had ever been apart was 10 days, in 1990 when we moved back to NYC from London. Some words from his collegues: "In many ways, Steve belonged to everyone. He was the leader of the troops, yet he was right down there helping out with all the details. You could always go to Steve for an answer. I never knew Steve to lie or even stretch the truth to suit himself. I never knew Steve to say something about someone that he would not or had not already said to the person." "How many of us ... had enough passion and discipline to write down our own core values -- herein lies the uniqueness and brilliance of Steve. Perhaps Steve was such a brilliant technologist precisely because he knew its limitations and what drove Steve and his values was, not technology, but his concern for people." Our hearts are broken forever without Stephen.

Dorry Tompsett, wife

Steve had a good heart and I will sure miss asking him all those technical questions. He had great values that will contiue to be with me.

Cheryl Hewling, co-worker

May your soul rest in peace and may your light continue to shine through your family and friends so that they are able to gain enough strength to carry on.

Judy Cole-Porter Instinet co-worker

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