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[John William Perry]
Name:John William Perry
Residence:New York, NY, United States
Occupation: police officer, 40th precinct, New York Police Department
Location: World Trade Center
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Updated: June 18, 2002
Tributes and Information

I met him once, at a bar with his old college buddy, Michel Paris Colbert. What a nice person John was. I believe to this day that when John heard the explosion he ran to WTC to make sure his friend Mike was ok. You see, Mike worked with me for Cantor on the 105th Fl. Now, John and Mike are in Heaven with the Father. John was a very open and giving person - may he rest in peace.

David Bellows, acquaintance

I graduated in John's class - class of '89 from NYU school of law. I remember him as a wonderfully outgoing nice guy. He always had a friendly word for me at reunions.

Once I was jogging around Washington Square Park when I heard a horn honking loudly. I looked up to see John waving at me.

As a city, New York lost a great public servant. As individuals, we lost a good friend.

Christopher Papajohn, classmate

I worked with Perry at the 40th Precinct. He was a good police offficer. He was there for the community. I wish God has a spot safe for him in heaven. God be with him.

Officer Rodriguez Antonio, friend

Mr. Perry was like a mentor to my daughter, Sloane Kelly. I never knew John personally, but I always appreciated the things he did for my daughter. I am so sorry for his family and friends, because I know that he was a special person. God bless you, John Perry. We will meet someday in heaven, and I'll have the chance to thank you then.

Jackie, family friend

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