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[David Michael Barkway]
Name:David Michael Barkway
Residence:Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Occupation: managing director, BMO Nesbitt Burns
Location: World Trade Center
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Legacy.com tribute
Updated: October 8, 2002
Tributes and Information

This is to Cindy: I was sorry to hear about your loss even though we have not been in contact for years.

Jay Hartwell, husband of Cindy's cousin

Sorrow and tradgedy have touched our country, our city, our company, our families. My deepest sympathy and warmest regards to your wife and children.

John Meister, co-worker

Having worked for Wood Gundy in Toronto for many years, I feel a personal loss of one of my "broker" buddies. I commend you for the work that you did. I regret the heartache that your wife feels, and know that you, David, will always be over the shoulder of your children. You will be their guardian angel. They will love you forever.

Joan MacGougan, colleague

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