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[Jeffrey J. Shaw]
Name:Jeffrey J. Shaw
Residence:Levittown, NY, United States
Occupation: electrician, Forest Electric Corp.
Location: World Trade Center
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Updated: March 10, 2002
Tributes and Information

You were definitely one of a kind, a terrific dad, a wonderful husband and the best friend anyone could have asked for. I'm having such a hard time accepting this, babe, because, to me, you were to strong for this to happen to you. I waited all day to hear you call and tell me you were OK and that you couldn't come home yet because you had to help the other people just like you did back with the bombing there years ago. But I knew in your voice when you said it didn't look good I might not get to see you again but as the days go on my heart aches more and more. I'm trying to be strong for the kids, and they're doing the same for me, but it's not easy when you always were the strong one we had to lean on. You'll never be forgotten and will be forever loved. 'Til we meet again, All my love, Debbie P.S. remember: SEE YA TUESDAY

Debbie Shaw, wife

There is no explaining what has been removed from my life and the lives of my family as a result of the loss of my brother. I love him dearly and will never forget the times we shared together. He will live on in me and I will try to be as good a brother, son, husband and father as he was to his family.

Richard Shaw, brother

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