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[Monica Goldstein]
Name:Monica Goldstein
Residence:New York, NY, United States
Occupation: Cantor Fitzgerald
Location: World Trade Center, Tower 1, 101st floor
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Updated: June 18, 2002
Tributes and Information

I knew Monica for almost 20 years. I went to school with her, and she was one of the nicest people you can know. Monica was always a sweetheart, and to know her was to love her. Rest in peace, Monica. You will never be forgotten.

Garrett Pertsas, friend

I live a block away from Downtown Hospital, where I saw so many pictures posted, including that of Monica. Monica was one of the youngest in all of the posters. When I was 25, like she was, Viet Nam was escalating, but innocent Amerian civilians were not meeting horrible deaths. She must have been a sweetheart of a girl, and was very pretty. I feel so bad. We are of the same religion, and I'm sure she is looking down and saying that it's OK and don't feel bad.

Steve Seifer

We never met, not even once, and yet I hurt. My heart embraces your family and friends who no doubt miss you beyond all comprehension. Some things in life just don't make any sense, and your loss is one of those. I hope that you have found peace, and that those closest to you can go on living. May God bless. I am saddened from far away.

Jeff Dingwell

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