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[Garth E. Feeney]
Name:Garth E. Feeney
Residence:New York, NY, United States
Occupation: Corporate development director, Data Synapse
Location: World Trade Center, tower 1
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Legacy.com tribute
Updated: June 19, 2002
Tributes and Information

We saw Garth reflected with love in our daughter's eyes. She wore the wonderful, warm coat he gave her. He considered and cared and made every occasion happy.We felt we had met Phineas from A Seperate Peace, the runner whom fame would not outrun. Wear your laurels forever.
Hilarie Orman and Richard Schroeppel, Parents of girlfiend

I rollerblade on the streets of New York, but only the level ones. Don Garto promised me one spring that he would teach me how to stop without grabbing for streetlamps and pedestrians, but we never got to Central Park for him to teach me. ... Garth was a good friend and a great man. He remains in my thoughts, as an example of how to take the hills in life.
Ariel Levy, Friend

Garth was always like a kid with a new toy. No New York-cool glasses or edgy goatee could hide that. I miss him. I miss hearing his hello on the phone, or chatting over IM as the workday went on. I still expect to look at that little box on my screen and see his name.
James Ratcliffe, Friend

Garth was one of the most straight-forward guys I knew. What you saw, was what you got. (While this ruined his poker game, it was a credit to him in all else.)
Andrew Ackerman, friend

Garth lived and loved in equal measure and will be missed more than words canever truly say.
Jennifer Holm, friend

It's no memorial puffery when I say that Garth was a person who had a rare combination of desirable human qualities -- smart, loving, kind, genuine, etc. ... He is sorely missed mainly for the love and genuine friendship he leaves behind. Thank you, Garth, for this.

Michael Marcinelli, friend

As your soccer coach years ago at East Lake high school in Tarpon Springs, Florida, I was impressed with how you carried yourself and set high standards for yourself. You were able to balance so many activities in your life. I am proud of the man you became and I am saddened by your loss. Someday I hope to meet you face to face again, along with Jack Vigliatura and Bill White. Until then...

Mark Lange, former coach

Garth genuinely was one of the nicest, kindest people I've ever met. ...I was always amazed by his patience and intelligence, as well as how he managed to cram so many other activities into a life already so busy with work.

Nic Kelman, friend

Garth and I ... had a lot of laughs together, and I appreciated his friendship, which never ended. He was a very special person, and everyone who met him learned that very quickly. I will always have special memories of him.

John Damian, friend

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