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[Carmen A. Rivera]
Name:Carmen A. Rivera
Residence:Westtown, NY, United States
Occupation: assistant vice president, Fiduciary Trust International
Location: World Trade Center
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Updated: September 9, 2003
Tributes and Information

One of the strongest, most ambitious women I've ever met in my life. Carmen, you're in heaven, and one of our angels is protecting your children, husband, family and friends.

D. Pena, former colleague

Carmen is remembered as a high-spirited individual who took on many tasks such as full-time vice president for Fiduciary Trust Co., full-time mother to her three beautiful children, wife to Luis Rivera, full-time student in Marist Cllege studying for her master's degree in law. Also, a member of a gym where she would work out as much as possible, as well as finding time to party every so often. Carmen is my best friend as well as cousin, and I will always look up to her and admire her for the person and example which she perfected. She is dearly loved and terribly missed by everyone who knew her. Her life was taken away from her after turning 33 just 20 days prior to the WTC atrocities. Although the towers are now fallen, Carmen is still very much alive and standing tall to the people that love her. She is truly an inspiration.

Connie Foglia, cousin and best friend

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