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Thoughts on the war on terrorism

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   • War on terrorism
   • Flight risks
   • Conflict in the Middle East
   • Rising tensions between India and Pakistan

War on terrorism

From the message boards

"What I had honestly believed would be a universal recognition of right vs. wrong, good vs. evil, and thus universal support to eliminate this cancer of terrorism from the world, has developed into a war of religions."

-- Chris Douglas

"I have nothing personal against Islam but I strongly believe that if the world is going to be successful on its war on terrorism it has to expose the truth of this religion and the reality of True Muslims. All the nice Muslims are not true Muslims."

-- Frank

"The 'War on Terror' cannot be used to justify every international initiative no matter how just it may seem, otherwise it will lose its credibility and the initiative will collapse before the true goals are accomplished."

-- Edwin Spence

"Osama bin Laden looks rather bad. His statements are such a joke. The tape was made 2 weeks ago they say. Look who got exposed in all this? All the defectors, disillusioned 'fighters' that went home. The Muslim world hates losers, he hasn't learned that yet, I suppose. "

-- Jenn Thomas

"[Osama bin Laden] admitted and boasted about killing civilians, now he tries to say America initiated this because it hates Muslims. We will get him and those who fight for him. Their fanatical brand of Islam will not hold the world hostage."

-- Jay-Joshua Y. Anderson

"Another tape from our old pal, bin Laden. I think he should start sending these to "America's Funniest Home Videos" because they sure get a chuckle out of me. More lies, more lies. Like we believe anything he would say or his flunkies."

-- Sandi McMillan

Flight risks

From the chat rooms

"I wouldn't mind having my luggage searched if it did any good. It doesn't."

-- New Jersey

"Seems to me that security is working if they keep catching the bad guys before they strike, even if it's the last minute."

-- Charleston, AR

"Airports are huge; they deal with thousands of people. You're never going to make them 100% safe."

-- Ithaca, NY

"I care less about airports being secure than I do about my civil rights. I'd be happy to have my chances of being killed increased slightly if it means getting where I'm going on time and not being bothered by some guy with a metal detector."

-- Ithaca, NY

"Airline security is still a joke. Why harass little old ladies by taking away their manicure kits and let suicide bombers through?"

-- New Jersey

"It seems that security is always one step behind the terrorists' imagination!"

-- Canada

"Why hasn't Reid been charged with 170 counts of attempted murder?"

-- Las Vegas, NV

"It makes it more important that each of us be more aware of what is going on, considering some of the passengers helped thwart this guy."

-- Winter Park, FL

Conflict in the Middle East

From the message boards

"At one point I had the naivete of thinking that I knew what was the solution for the Israel/Palestinian conflict. No more. I don't have a clue of how to solve it, maybe because it is unsolvable. "

-- Roger DaCosta

"The Arabs had to accept the resolutions when they were adopted, not 50 years later. Now the situation is different, and all questions will be resolved in the bilateral negotiations -- once the violence stop."

-- Ari ben Tzevi

"One can't excuse one form of terrorism and then say another is unacceptable. I would rate the Zionists with the Palestinians in that they both have committed terrorist acts and therefore neither are without guilt."

-- Serge Grynkewich

Rising tensions between India and Pakistan

From the message boards

"The subcontinent is, unfortunately, over populated, under educated, mired in archaic rites, basically feudalistic and at the mercy of corrupt politicians and administrations. All this combined with hi-tech nuclear toys! ... A heavy element of logic is missing from this scene."

-- Ken Levram

""There is no known alliance between Pakistan and China." Ha! What a joke. Pakistani munitions = Chinese munitions + Green Paint."

-- Phil Cyrriac

"If India wanted a diplomatic resolve, then why did it pull out its ambassador? Pakistan has said repeatedly that it will hold the culprits of the December 13 attack accountable given substantial proof. India has refused to share any of its alleged evidence."

-- Shaje Ganny

" Pakistan is China's Israel. And China is one of those countries whose leadership has said [referring to Chinese], 'What if million people die. I am willing to accept that.'"

-- Raj Singhi

"Indian polity has been starved of inspiration for decades... perhaps JP was the last real leader we had."

-- Mayavati

"Did anyone else find it amusing (and hypocritical) when Bush told India to use restraint after the Parliament attacks, especially in light of recent Israeli actions?"

-- David Vinsel

"If the world is so worried about a nuclear war, why isn't the international community stepping up the pressure on Pakistan to STOP arming, funding, aiding and abetting terrorism? All because they need Pakistan's help in getting two men, Osama bin Laden and Mullah Omar?"

-- Hungama

"Who was asleep at the wheel when India and Pakistan were piling up the nukes?"

-- Ken Masters

From the chat rooms

"If there is nuclear war two or three cities of India will be destroyed, but a country named Pakistan will be wiped off the world map."

-- India

"I strongly believe that dialogue is the way out for India and Pakistan; anything short of that will be too disastrous."

-- Liberia

"I believe India is making a big thing about this only because it wants to attract attention and it is scared of the new importance Pakistan now has in the world."

-- Pakistan

"India and Pakistan are trying to make a mountain out of a molehill."

-- India

"Both sides are trying to scare each other. It will be very stupid for both the countries to think of having a war. There will be huge amount of news and then everything will calm down."

-- Turkey

"I'm not sure who is supplying Pakistan, but as you may recall the U.S. supplied both Iraq and Iran with weapons during that conflict, so I don't think the U.S. is [in] a position to point fingers at who supplies who in whatever conflict."

-- Chicago, IL

"For some years, India has been trying hard to have Pakistan declared as a 'terrorist state.' To an extent India did succeed, but all her efforts have been undone by Pakistan joining the 'coalition against terror' and all the adulation Pakistan has received from the international community. India now fears that she will have to resolve the Kashmir issue."

-- England

"If a country wants U.S. support, just say you are being attacked by Islamic terrorists, it's the enemy. Before, if you were a Communist, you were the enemy. Now the biggest fear here seems to be Islamic fundamentalism."

-- Chicago, IL

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