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• Chronology of Terror

• Gallery: The White House reacts

• Gallery: World Trade Center destruction

• Gallery: Pentagon crash site

• TIME: Shattered

• Interactive attacks explainer (Flash)

• Time-lapse photos of Trade Center

• Witnesses to the moment

• Survivors describe 'holy hell'

• Accounts of terror, tragedy and survival

• 3-D animation of attacks






Eastern Afghanistan Eastern Afghanistan: Satellite Imagery Kandahar city detail
CNN's reporters "On the Scene" Refugee map Afghanistan region (political and topographical)
Afghanistan's Civil War Ethnic makeup of Afghanistan U.S. Naval Station Guantanamo Bay, Cuba

Military attacks, the coalition and bioterrorism

Military activity in Afghanistan Expanding the War on Terror Bases for coalition operations
Building a coalition Biological and Chemical Weapons country map Map: Afghan training camps to worldwide targets

September 11 attacks

Victims by country  3-D damage report from the city of New York Interactive attacks explainer
WTC damage assessment imageReagan National and Washington's landmarks 

 FRONT LINES  back to top 

Afghanistan: The war

Timeline: John Walker Lindh's route to the courtroom   Photo gallery: Afghan Detainees at Camp X-Ray  Bin Laden's Messages: Terror on Tape 
Reaction to bin Laden's tape  Photo Gallery: Bin Laden on tape
1 | 2 
Animation: Caves of Afghanistan 
Exclusive images: Al Qaeda base in ruins  Photo gallery: CNN on the front line  Photo gallery: In the line of fire
Photo gallery: Kabul liberated Photo gallery: Convoy to Northern Afghanistan   Photo gallery: Refugees flee Afghanistan
Photo Gallery: Through a CNN cameraman's lens Photo gallery: Damage in Kabul Photo gallery: Convoy to Northern Afghanistan

U.S. military in action

Photo gallery: Operation Anaconda Weapons Operation Anaconda Photo Gallery: Operation Anaconda
Crashes in the aerial offensive Camp X-Ray defended Timeline: Fallen Servicemen
Photo gallery: Marines in southern Afghanistan Photo gallery: U.S. raid in Afghanistan Photo gallery: U.S. military prepares for war
Photo gallery: Damage Assessments - Oct. 15, 2001 | Oct. 11, 2001 | Oct. 10, 2001 | Oct. 9, 2001 Photo gallery: New Aerial Offensive Photo gallery: Humanitarian Relief Mission
Photo Gallery: First Attack    

U.S. military armament

3-D models of U.S. weapons 3-D models of U.S. aircraft Overview: U.S. Weapons
Overview: U.S. Aircraft  Overview: Special operation forces  Overview: Pentagon Joint Chiefs of Staff 
Presidents: Calls to arms 

Afghanistan: Background

Post-Taliban Government of Afghanistan Profile: Hamid Karzai  Key Players: Balance of power in Afghanistan
Taliban military arsenal  The history of Afghanistan Overview: Northern Alliance 

 AMERICA AT HOME  back to top 

Flight Risk Timeline: Airlines after the attack An introduction to Islam

World Trade Center and Pentagon sites

3D Animation: Tribute in Light Lighting the Towers Photo gallery: The Pentagon rebuilds
Photo gallery: WTC search and cleanup  3D photo: WTC damage Satellite Photos: Aerial view of WTC damage
Satellite Photos: Aerial view of Pentagon damage Photo gallery: Recovery efforts  

 INVESTIGATION  back to top 

Biological and Chemical Weapons explainer  Overview: U.S. government agencies  Overview: Flight data and cockpit voice recorders 

Suspected terrorists

Timeline: Hunt for bin Laden  Hijacker suspects  Most wanted terrorists 
Timeline: Follow the investigation  Inside a terror manual  Al Qaeda documents reveal depths of terror 

 VICTIMS  back to top 

Photo gallery: World Trade Center memorial 1 | 2 Photo gallery: Pentagon memorial Breakdown of WTC death toll  
Religions come together in time of tragedy World Trade Center tenants list Plans to rebuild the Trade Center

 SEPTEMBER 11 back to top 

3-D animation: World Trade Center and Pentagon attacks  Photo gallery: Chronology of terror Photo gallery: Unimaginable
Photo gallery: White House prepares to respond Photo gallery: Time-lapse Photo gallery: Escaping terror

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