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Forces: U.S. & Coalition/Navy
Deployments in the Persian Gulf

An F/A-18E Super Hornet approaches the flight deck of the USS Nimitz in this photo taken January 17, 2003, while the aircraft carrier was conducting a training exercise.  
USS Nimitz (CVN 68)

Date deployed: March 3, 2003. The Nimitz returned home on November 5, 2003.
Destination: Relieve the USS Abraham Lincoln in the Persian Gulf
Type of vessel: Nimitz-class, nuclear-powered aircraft carrier
Home port: San Diego, California
Crew: Approximately 8,000 in battle group
Power Plant: Two nuclear reactors, four shafts
Flight Deck: 4.5 acres
Speed: 30-plus knots
Aircraft: 85
Armament: NATO Sea Sparrow missile launchers, three 20 mm Phalanx close-range rapid-fire gun systems
Commissioned: May 3, 1975

Carrier Air Wing 11
VFA-14 Top Hatters (12 F/A-18E Super Hornets)
VFA-41 Black Aces (12 F/A-18F Super Hornets)
VFA-94 Mighty Shrikes (12 F/A-18C Hornets)
VFA-97 Warhawks (12 F/A-18A Hornets)
VAQ-135 Black Ravens (4 EA-6B Prowlers)
VAW-117 Wallbangers (4 E-2C Hawkeyes)
VS-29 Dragon Fires (8 S-3B Vikings)
HS-6 Indians (4 SH-60F Sea Hawks, 2 HH-60H Seahawks)
VRC-30 Providers (2 C-2A Greyhounds)
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Guided missile-frigate
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