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Mastermind on the run

The search for al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden has focused on a remote area on the Pakistan-Afghanistan border. But after more than two years of battling remnants of al Qaeda and the Taliban, Pakistan ended its military operation in the border province of South Waziristan in November 2004 without finding bin Laden. Bin Laden evaded coalition forces during the U.S.-led war in Afghanistan in 2001, surfacing since then only in audiotaped and videotaped messages.

• Documents suggest bin Laden escaped at Tora Bora
• Officials: Bin Laden message to al-Zarqawi intercepted
• U.S. mulls $50 million bin Laden bounty | Who's in charge of hunt for bin Laden?
• Tape endorses al-Zarqawi | Purported bin Laden tape surfaces
• New bin Laden videotape released
• Gallery: The hunt for al Qaeda

The Terrorist

• Timeline: The life of bin Laden

• Gallery: Al Qaeda handbook

• Chronology: Videotape | Audiotape

• Interview: Bin Laden biographer

• Audio slide show: Taped message February 2003

• Gallery: Alleged tape found September 2003

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