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Ronald Reagan 1911~2004

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Paying respects
CNN's Joe Johns on the thousands who have waited to view the casket.
Reagan lies in state
With military grandeur and precision, the body of former President Ronald Reagan left California and was brought into the Capitol Rotunda.
Family says goodbye
The Reagan family views the casket Monday at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library.
Americans remember Reagan
Public memorials for Ronald Reagan dotted the nation as Americans remember the "Great Communicator."
Capitol readies for Reagan funeral
The body of former President Ronald Reagan will lie in state in Washington, D.C., to allow the public to pay respects. CNN's Ed Henry reports.
Bush on Reagan
President Bush says Reagan leaves behind a world he helped to save.
Looking back on Ronald Reagan's life
CNN's Bruce Morton reflects on Reagan's life - lifeguard, football player, actor and president.
Reagan: The presidency
CNN's Wolf Blitzer reports on the political events, economic changes and milestones of Reagan's presidency.
White House memories
CNN's Bill Hemmer speaks with White House photographer Peter Souza about his life's work recording the Reagans' lives and takes a look at some of Souza's photographs.
Reagan a 'gentleman's gentleman'
CNN's Candy Crowley says Ronald Reagan's gracious demeanor made friends out of political enemies and endeared him to a nation.
Humor in the Oval Office
CNN's Jeff Greenfield looks at how Ronald Reagan used humor as a campaign tool and a bargaining chip in the White House.
Reagan and Europe
CNN's Robin Oakley reflects on the relationship Reagan had with the UK and Europe.
The Reagans: A 40-year love affair
CNN's Judy Woodruff reports on the love of Ronald and Nancy Reagan, which spanned four decades and propelled them to the White House.
Reagan and the Pope
Ronald Reagan and Pope John Paul II shared battles but did not always sing from the same hymn sheet.

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