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There were many winners and losers in 2004 -- most notably, President Bush and John Kerry, respectively -- but many more found themselves in muddy middle ground. Coalition forces had success and failure in Iraq, and terrorists struck in Spain and Russia. Debate raged over same-sex marriage, media standards and other "moral values" issues. The 9/11 Commission hearings and reports; Yasser Arafat, Ronald Reagan and others' deaths; and court cases involving Kobe Bryant, Scott Peterson and Michael Jackson left uneasiness as a new year dawned. 2004's final days were dominated by an earthquake and tsunamis that left more than 150,000 dead from Thailand to Somalia.
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1. Election 2004
2. War in Iraq
3. Terrorism
4. (tie) 9/11 Commission
4. (tie) Natural disasters
6. Yasser Arafat dies
7. Morality split
8. Ronald Reagan dies
9. Sudanese crisis
10. Red Sox win World Series

CNN.com editors voted on the top stories of 2004. Make your own rankings in our reader's poll.
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From same-sex marriage to Britney Spears' nuptials, from wars overseas to Cabinet shuffles in Washington, test your knowledge of this year's headlines.
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Remember some of the top world figures, U.S. leaders, legendary musicians, Hollywood icons and hundreds of soldiers and civilians in Iraq who died this year.
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For "sticking to his guns," Time magazine chooses President Bush as Person of the Year.
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