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Reader's poll: Weigh in on the year's top stories

CNN editors have selected what they believe to be the top stories of 2004. What do you think?

Here is a list of major news events from the past year. Use the pull-down menus to rank your top 10 stories. Then, click the vote button at the bottom of the page.

9/11 commission hearings, report and intelligence reform
Afghanistan elections
Athens Summer Olympics
Cabinet turnover: Powell, other members resign
Celebrity court cases: Kobe Bryant, Michael Jackson, Martha Stewart
Deaths of Christopher Reeves, Ray Charles, Marlon Brando
CIA upheaval: Tenets and others quit, Goss takes over
D-Day's 60th anniversary
Election 2004
European Union expands and Euro value rises against dollar
"Fahrenheit 911" and Michael Moore take center stage
Final episode of "Friends"
Flu vaccine shortage
Google goes public with IPO
Hurricanes pound Florida
Janet Jackson and Super Bowl halftime show
Memorable marriages: JLo weds Mark Anthony, Britney marries twice
Low-carb diet fad peaks
Morality split: Gay marriage, Pledge of Allegiance, "Passion of the Christ"
NBA brawl pits players against fans
Oil -- and gas -- prices surge
Red Sox beat Yankees, then win World Series
Ronald Reagan dies
Scott/Laci Peterson trial and verdict
Space innovation: SpaceShipOne, Mars rovers, Genesis capsule
Sudanese crisis prompts genocide accusations
Ukrainian election contested
Terror: Madrid bombing, Russia school siege, alerts, hunts and court rulings
War in Iraq: Transition, terror and turmoil
Yasser Arafat dies

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