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CNN's coverage of Katrina and the aftermath won a 2006 Peabody Award, the oldest honor in electronic media.

Hurricane Season
Editor's Note: This special report was archived in September 2006.

Voices from the Gulf Coast
August 29, 2005: Hurricane Katrina made landfall on the Gulf Coast, destroying lives, leveling homes and leaving thousands of survivors with the same story: We lost everything. One year later, many still coped with Katrina's devastation. Some had moved forward, but for others recovery was at a standstill. CNN.com visited the region to get their stories.
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Behind the scenes: Covering disaster at home
Podcast: Katrina: A return to the Gulf
Rebuilding: New Orleans, Gulf Coast updates
Gallery: Landmarks over time
A woman's fight for Katrina victims
Video: Church reopens in Ninth Ward
Report: Levees need overhaul
Video: Katrina survivor meets Bush
Video: FEMA trailer: White House or bust
Video: Spike Lee's look at Katrina
Judge rejects claim for flood damage
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Vital signs
How many are rebuilding, what's the population and where are they eating? A look at some recovery factors in New Orleans and the status of cities along the Gulf Coast at the one-year mark.

Recovery big but not easy
In many ways, parts of New Orleans look like Hurricane Katrina struck last week. But a sign in the Hamilton family's yard points to the perseverance of those who stayed or returned to build: "We're home."
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