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Hurricane Season
Every scourging lash Hurricane Katrina could hurl landed on the Green family's back. Broken levees, shredded houses, a dead matriarch, a drowned baby, Convention Center cruelty, sniper fire, oblivious officials -- across four generations, they lived it all. Theirs is a story of loss and love. Click on the names to read more.
The Green family returns to the New Orleans sites of tragedy and triumph
Reporter's update on the Green family
Robert Green knows exactly where his mother was when she died. The same flood that claimed his 3-year-old granddaughter claimed her, too. The family made it to their roof, but they weren't prepared for the water to rip the house from its foundation. FULL STORY | UPDATE | UPDATE 2
When Walter Francis entered his mother's Gentilly-area house, he feared the worst. The site of a dress floating in 4 feet of putrid water frightened him more. Francis didn't know the Green family matriarch had escaped to a cemetery and was living among the dead. FULL STORY
Joycelyn Askew waited too long for a second son just to lose him to the lawlessness of the convention center in New Orleans following the hurricane. In spite of fragile knees, she started her trek to save her son and chose the aches in her legs over a pain in her heart. FULL STORY
Nellie Francis
Nellie Francis, 77, spent the days after Hurricane Katrina stranded in a makeshift camp erected in a New Orleans cemetery, waiting for her son Walter. A lifelong resident of the Crescent City, Nellie is now living in Napoleonville, Louisiana.
Joyce Green
Joyce Green, 73, died on a rooftop as her family tried to escape the flood. Her sons returned to the site four months after her death and found her remains in the same location.
Robert Green
When floodwater poured into his neighborhood, Robert Green and his family climbed from rooftop to rooftop to escape the rising waters. His mother and granddaughter died in the ordeal. He is now searching for their bodies.
Shenae Green
Shenae, 3 years old, fell into the churning water as her family raced from rooftop to rooftop to escape the flood. Her body was identified by the state coroner 8 weeks later.
Walter Francis
Walter Francis struggled with floodwater and lack of information as he tried to find his mother, Nellie, in the days after Hurricane Katrina.
Joycelyn Askew
A security officer at Tulane University, Joycelyn Green Askew went by boat and foot for agonizing miles in a search for her son in the thousands of people crowded at the convention center.
Quentin Askew
Amid the chaos and crowds at the convention center following the hurricane, Quentin Askew walked right into his mother as she was searching for him across the city.
Mitchell Green
The family already had experienced grief earlier this year when Mitchell Green died of cancer in April.
Everidge Green
Everidge Green was at work when the flood hit. His daughters, Sheniya, 2, Shenae, 3, and Shemiya, 4, were at their grandfather's house while their parents worked. Shenae died in the flood.

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