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Hurricane Season
A year of recovery, waiting
Almost a year after Katrina, parts of New Orleans and the Gulf Coast are returning to normal, while in other areas recovery's start is still an unknown.
Smaller New Orleans phonebook reflects new city
Some schools open amid hope, confusion
Spike Lee's look at Katrina
Video: FEMA trailer: White House or bust (3:23)
Judge rejects claim for Katrina flood damage
Video: Running for Katrina victims (4:49)
Study: Those who fled Katrina on own fared better
Stress building in New Orleans
FEMA: Trailer locks a security risk
More news
'When the Levees Broke'
Director Spike Lee talks to CNN's Soledad O'Brien about his new documentary, which includes a variety of voices from victims. (4:55)

Landmarks over time
Some major landmarks in New Orleans have rebounded successfully even as other areas remain as they were in the days after Katrina hit.

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